I know I am not alone when I say, I am tired of hearing the following sentences:

“I need to go home and think about it.”

“I'll just have this session now and then see how it goes.”

“Let's see what my insurance covers and go from there.”

“I'm so excited, today is my last session.” (At progress exam)

If you hear these sentences often, it is more diagnostic than you think.

In fact, there is a DEEP day 1, day 2 problem.

…which means you will have to SELL AGAIN.

Why? Because everybody books ONE visit AT A TIME. and BOY is it tough…because how can we budget or plan when you don't know what's in your diary six weeks from now? If you're constantly booking visit to visit, then it is impossible to plan.

Remember, necessity DRIVES AWAY opportunity.

If you don't future book and your schedule is quiet, your new patients will smell desperation on you when you need to fill your diary.

Do you feel the desperation?

Just sign up for my upcoming New Patient Conversion and Communication Masterclass on 22nd/23rd May 2021 where I will be teaching you exactly how we and hundreds of docs using our systems get patients to:

  • Say yes to your treatment schedule
  • Commit to a longer schedule of care up front
  • Book in advance
  • Pay in advance
  • Be prepared to pay more per session than any of your competition

See you there,

Love and Light,