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Apprentice Mastermind Recap

Wow, what a Mastermind that was! Our biggest Mastermind yet and boy did it deliver. From big energy teaching to emotional and honest admissions and THAT TALK with Karren Brady, there’s so much to unpack. For those who were able to attend our Apprentice Mastermind last month we hope this little recap will be put a smile on your face as you remember the events down in Windsor… and for those who didn’t have the chance to join we hope this will fill you in on the juiciest details (but don’t worry, we’ll let you know how you get yourself a seat at the next Mastermind at the end).

As always, we begin each Mastermind with some high-intensity welcome (hugs, dancing, high-fives you name it) to get everyone in the right spirit for the action-packed two days. Then came time to share some big wins and achievements that our members have experienced recently – a super proud moment for the whole team (it’s like the Facebook Group come to life, real world Ah-Ha’s anyone?).

Ryan explained some of the most crucial things to implement in your business and from using org charts to map responsibilities and roles within the team to having core values the essence of having a defined business structure has never been clearer. The notion of when and how often to have meetings really did get pens clicking into action. And the big takeaway being…. “even if you just have a meeting and identify you need another meeting on this subject because you’re super unprepared then that’s okay”… it’s all about getting the ball rolling when it comes to things like planning talks, campaigns and big projects. Where regular meetings come into effect is your weekly leadership and quarterly meetings, that help solve the issues in your business (no matter how much you don’t want to do them).

And on the topic of giving out to-dos to your team, Ryan has this pragmatic insight… “It should be a simple yes or no in that meeting. Either they’ve got the task done or not, if you let people weasel out by making excuses nothing will ever get done by people saying it’s almost there. And if two or three weeks goes by and that task still is getting no’s then ask that person if they need help. They might be struggling, so reach out and ask. You need to find out why it’s not getting done and what the solution is.”

Then came an honest, and frankly, emotional segment on Day 1 where Ryan opened up about what went on in his old practices when he discovered he had been the victim of fraud by a former finance employee upon diligence when deciding to sell to focus on his successful and fast-growing coaching group. This struck a chord with the audience who, over a 1/3 of, admitted to having been victims of theft within their own businesses. It opened up an interesting discussion about trust placed in people, how far we go to make excuses and pretend that it’s not happening and not wanting to start a witch-hunt within the practice. But as Ryan reflected… “as terrible as it was, it presented me with an opportunity to learn and grow personally. And also, to come out here and teach you something new that I’ve had to learn from. There’s no reason why when this happens to you, and it will happen to everyone or perhaps you just haven’t found it yet, you can’t learn the same lessons and grow as business owners too.”

But for sure one of the highlights of Day 1 was the talk between Ryan and Karren Brady. Harsh but fair, Karren definitely lived up to her reputation as a no-nonsense boss and serial advocate for many causes, especially female empowerment and acceleration in the workplace and business boardrooms. She admitted that she doesn’t take no for an answer and simply has to find another way of getting what she wants and that women should take and own the word ambitious. On the topic of having a mentor or coach in your life Karren believes that ‘a great mentor should share their own experiences and exposes you to people that you usually wouldn’t be able to connect with”. But on when’s the right time to move certain people on from your business in order to grow Karren was passionate in thinking that ‘certain people may have been with you a long time and that shows loyalty but sometimes they aren’t the right people to take your business to the next level.’

After Day 1 wrapped up we all headed to Browns for a drink (thank you Mr Rieder) and branched off in different groups for dinner (some even rented out a whole floor of a restaurant) before re-joining at a club to dance into the early hours of the morning.

Back again on Day 2, and several cups of coffee later, the whole group was ready to get dancing on their feet to begin another day of teaching. We ran through some business fundamentals, including utilising print media, incentivising patients and your staff and the power of a fake forwarded email!

This Mastermind’s ‘You’re the s*** awards’ winners were three sets of couples: Pete & Cindy Townsend, Holly & Bruce Hilligan and Andy & Ofra Kurt. All three couples are an inspiration in running their clinics at different stages of growth and their Q&A with Ryan was motivating to anyone running a business. Seeing all of you grind hard and achieve so much has been a total pleasure and everyone on the team at DCPG congratulates you all on your success!

There’s so much more of the two days that I just can’t fit in to this article but keep an eye on future issues of the Practice Growth Playbook as there might just be some surprises in store from the event popping up in here.

And as promised, the next Mastermind on July 15th & 16th is going to be Austin Powers themed. Yeah, baby!

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