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3 Things All Successful Salespeople Have

“The person with the highest energy will always influence the person with the lowest energy.”

Here are three things all great salespeople have in common.

  1. Energy

First things first, they’ve got the ENERGY.

The person with the highest energy will always influence the person with lower energy. It’s a fact.

One of the greatest sayings I’ve ever heard in my entire life was from the hilarious author Stuart Wilde, who said, “The key to success is to raise your own energy. When you do, people will naturally be attracted to you, and when they show up, bill em!”

I tell you what, that is also a pretty good summation of the busiest practices in the world.

Sure, their results speak for themselves, but one thing is for certain: I’m positive that you will almost never find a super busy chiropractor with poor energy.

Conversely, I’ve almost never met a chiropractor with incredible energy that’s broke. Energy matters in life, and in the attraction of abundance. That matters A LOT in sales.

The truth is that being tired offers terrible returns. This is the reason why it’s important to rest. Have you noticed that when you come back from a good break or holiday, you’re on fire? I’ve seen this so often in my own life and countless times in the many practice owners I get to serve across the planet. In fact, I would say that often more than not, records come off the back of vacations or clarity breaks. If you think that your energy levels don’t really matter, just think about the statistic.

This brings me to why I’m so big on chiropractors building teams. You simply can’t do it all, and additionally SHOULD NOT do it all. My experience is that THE LESS YOU DO YOURSELF, THE MORE YOU MAKE.

Please take note of the particular and deliberate phrasing of the sentence. I did not say, the less you do, the more you make. I made special mention of the fact that the less you do YOURSELF, the more you make. That means in order to maintain energy, longevity and consistent results that feel relatively “easy”, you have to learn the skills to build a team to GET A LOT DONE without you. In my business, I call this DWR (Done Without Ryan).

Additionally, as we are all in the healing game, it may help you to hear of a phrase that has served me well throughout my career.

I was once told that as a healer it becomes very difficult to move someone towards ‘health’ if they have higher energy levels than the ‘healer’ or ‘facilitator’. Remember that the next time you interact with a client.

There are many “causes of tiredness”, so many that one could write an entire book on it! Here are some that are worth mentioning without going into detail:

Things like: “failure to live your purpose”, “being out of exchange”, “going past a point of completion”, “forcing yourself to do something you don’t want to do”, “communications that remain undelivered”, “constantly repeating incomplete cycles”, “toxic people”, and “physical factors like lack of sleep, poor diet etc.”

We do a lot of work on these in my Inner Circle Mastermind Program, and I truly believe it’s why so many of our docs double, triple to quadruple their practices.

Being out of the exchange is an interesting one I see often in chiropractors. Let me first describe what “being out of exchange” means. This is the scenario where you’re “giving” and not “receiving” enough. By the way “receiving” in this context does not necessarily mean “money” but it can. For example, a thank you, or acknowledgement, hug or even none of that, but being able to see the benefit of your giving, can all “give” energy back to the giver.

In fact, to illustrate this point some doctors self- sabotage their success because they don’t want to be busier. They can’t stand the thought of adjusting more people at £10 an adjustment. They’ll be like, “What’s the point of being busier?” I don’t see much extra return, and they would be right by the way.

 Listen, no matter what anyone tells you, energy is a finite resource, and it needs to be protected, maintained and worked on.

Therefore learning to sell your service at higher fees is important, even for your energy! I know doctors see 150 people a week that make way more money and are happier than people that see 300 a week. I’m not joking! I’ve met more doctors than I can remember that are seeing “high volume” at incredibly low adjustment fees that are burnt out. They often tell me how they were told that they are just focused on numbers and more numbers without ever thinking of how much they were changing. Well, I’m here to call that out. You are also an important part of the “equation”. Your energy matters, your happiness matters. Exchange matters.

Sometimes it’s just a pricing strategy tweak that will put this back in alignment and create the shift for you to take a massive leap.

2. Certainty

Number two, all successful salespeople have certainty.

Certainty is a loose term that is very frequently thrown around at chiropractic conferences and I’m willing to bet gets mentioned as a key proponent of practice success in just about all speakers keynote on stage. Right?

The truth is, they are correct. Boy does certainty change the game. Prospects, patients and customers can just feel if someone is certain about the thing they are “selling”. Certainly and “passion” for me are quite interchangeable. I believe one becomes more passionate about the thing they are selling gets/ gives the prospect. This is why so many chiropractors that have had a life changing experience themselves under chiropractic care get to a point of certainty a lot faster.

My challenge with simply saying that you should be more “certain” to become more successful is that that advice in of itself is not all that helpful. Many would say “duh” or “thanks captain obvious”, but can you now tell me HOW to become more certain?

Let’s first start by saying that within the chiropractic context, when certainty is mentioned, it’s often made with reference to philosophically-based chiropractors.

I’m here to tell you that it’s not just those that can recite the green books per the principles that are successful. Having said that, you would have to be an idiot to not see the correlation with the fact that those that do have a thorough conviction or pursuit in deeply understanding chiropractic and its workings simply seem to be more successful.

But the fact is not reserved for those that just dive deeply into say the “green books’. The same seems true that have a thorough conviction or pursuit to learn and understand intently a technique, procedure or treatment or simply how the body functions and heals.

The dictionary of the word “certainty” is “A firm conviction that something is the case”.

But the keyword in that sentence is “conviction” which is often synonymous with “determination”.

An important point that many who teach others to simply become more “certain” often miss, is that NOBODY was born certain of ANYTHING. That means that certainty is a learned process. In my opinion, certainty comes off the back of a deep conviction or determination to understand the “thing”. I’m absolutely convinced that just the pursuit or passionate desire to be better at one’s craft, fully understand or witness the benefits, results or workings of the thing they are “selling” or “doing” makes that person more “certain”.

Key Point: DETERMINATION comes before CERTAINTY.

When it comes to “sales”, certainly refers to the pursuit of a deep and thorough understanding of the workings and benefits of the thing and the tangible and often experienced results.

This concept is even translatable into the determination to get better at sales. Reading this book for example will ultimately and definitely translate into better results as you study and learn and understand the process of helping a person make decisions. Ultimately that’s all selling is. Helping that’s all selling is. Helping someone make a decision. Ethical selling comes into effect when you are involved in the process of helping someone make a decision that will change their life for the better.

Learning to be better sell chiropractic does that in abundance!

3. Empathy

The third thing, and the most underestimated thing in selling or negotiations, is empathy.

The dictionary definition of empathy is: “the ability to understand and share the feelings of another”.

Another more robust dictionary definition of empathy is:

“The action of understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to, and experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experience of another of either the past or present.”

Empathy in negotiations or selling has everything to do with the prospect genuinely feeling like there is an attempt or in fact true understanding of their current situation. Said differently, a true attempt and ability to put yourself in the prospect’s shoes and the ability to not only understand their point of view but communicate this in such a way that the prospect feels that you understand.

To fully understand just how important empathy and the communication of empathy is, one needs only to read the brilliant book ‘Never Split the Difference’ by former FBI hostage negotiator Chris Voss. Chis was a guest speaker at one of my masterminds and he totally enlightening at just how important empathy is in the process of negotiations. Even when selling the process of “surrender” to a serial killer, kidnapper or bank robber. Chris really drives home how even the “baddy” needs to feel understood in order to gain rapport and dialogue and hopefully the eventual collaborative process of eventually reaching a point of common ground or agreement.

He brilliantly explains how the magic words one needs to hear in order to know you on the right track are versions of the words “that’s right” or “exactly” or “yes correct”.

More on this later but in order to hear that sentence, one needs to ask a couple of well-phrased questions that displays not only that you were really listening to them but more importantly that you understood their need or pain.

Your phrase or sentence could be, “so if I’m hearing you correctly” or “It sounds like you’re…” followed by stating not only the facts of their problem or concern but a true emotive understanding of their situation. If you get a response that’s similar to “that’s correct” or “yes absolutely” then you know that “empathy” has been somewhat achieved. Their response gives you the validation that “yeah you heard me correctly” or “yeah, I feel like you understand my challenges, concerns or goals.”

I always imagine that moment I’ve “crossed over” to their side of the table.

This is where my “Pleasing Pennies” and “Hippie Helens” excel (explained in the next chapter). They effortlessly ooze empathy and are better at one-on-one communication than group communication because of it. This is if they remember to ask for the sale that is.

That’s their sales weakness. While great rapport and displaying empathy because of their naturally soft and relaxed ability to not only gain trust but display empathy they are often a little shy to close the deal or ask for the sale or speak about money or recommendations. If they get over the aversion to asking for the sale, they are truly amazing at what they do.

I’ve come to learn that the genuine attempt to embrace empathy is not just a sales tactic but seems to improve just about every area of life. Try it and you just see how your life improves.

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