Case Study: Done For You Spotlight- Alex Eatly

Alex Eatly of Liverpool, Crosby and Southport Chiropractic & Sports Injury Clinic joined the service late May 2022 with the plan of getting his first lead generation ad up and running early June. Alex and his team are no strangers to Facebook marketing, having run many of their own campaigns before for job advertisements and general promotion of their Facebook page amongst other things.

It was particularly important to get Alex off to a great start for a couple of reasons. Firstly, to show him that his investment in the DCPG team was well placed and that he had made the right decision for himself and his clinic.

Everyone reading this by now knows that the team can transform your business, making it unrecognisable from when you first joined us. Alex was new and we needed to show him it was possible to reach the results of the fantastic testimonials we usually receive.

We decided to start with a summer lead generation campaign for just his Crosby clinic to get the ball rolling. What happened next, I do not think anyone was expecting! 29 leads in the first 72 hours! An average of 1 lead every 2.5 hours! The ad was performing well, and the momentum was building towards the weekend where the ad replicated its performance but this time in only 48 hours.

On the following Monday, we emailed Alex and Josie (his Operations Manager and PA) to share our excitement with the results and they were so pleased with them that they had to shut the ad off prematurely to make sure that they could keep up with the demand. After whittling out some of the dead leads, they decided to turn the ad back on where the results started to pour in again and had to be turned off for a second time!

This was all achieved with our standard campaign approach. 2 carousels with some quality pictures of adjustments as well as of his team and 1 video of Alex explaining the offer, using “shotgun targeting” of the area around Crosby of people aged above 25 years old, placed only on Facebook and Instagram feeds.

Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for… the STATS!

From just 7 days total of Facebook Advertising:

  • Overall Spend: £128.80
  • Leads Generated: 86 (79 directly from the ad and 7 from organic sharing)
  • Cost Per Lead: £1.50 (£1.63 if you just look at the Facebook ad)

Here’s the proof for your very own eyes!

Through his conversions, Alex recouped his ad spend and then some, giving him a very profitable campaign before even converting them to care plans.

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