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Where To Start..when you feel LOST!

I have had countless strategy sessions with chiropractors that feel “lost”, or

A sensation of not even knowing where to begin ….


By definition….. The feeling of “lost” is a state of confusion ….

How this relates to orienteering …

I was once taught this brilliant analogy… that for the most part running our practices are akin to being LOST in the woods, or mountains ..

The fastest way to get “un-lost” if there was such a word, is to first and most importantly establish a “point of reference”…

Even if you have a map, you first have to locate a point of reference to determine where you are on the map FIRST before you can use that “map” or Blueprint to guide you out of danger …

For practice owners, this means … understand where you ARE right now!

Definition of ‘lost’….in a practice sense …

The definition of “lost” is essentially a state of not knowing where one is “NOW”, so they can even begin to navigate where they can go to find “safety”.

Just think about it … most chiropractors have no idea of the current state that the business is in.

Think … Exact stats, profit margins, telephone answer rates, lead to booking ratios, etc etc

I mean… the amount of chiropractors I start working with that have never produced a monthly profit and loss, or balance sheet is frightening … but not unusual for most small industries…

What’s even worse is that they think they do “know their numbers”, and will often proudly say … “yes I saw … last week and my PVA is …”.

Let me be clear …that is NOT knowing your numbers, it barely scratches the surface ….and furthermore, with the most liberal amount of “investigation” into those numbers… I would guess that at least 90% have not even got clean and reliable statistics of even those numbers ..


Or at least where one should ALWAYS start….

Much like a mountain climber …It has everything to do with finding a point of reference.

Without a point of reference or “map” … they can’t see the wood for the trees…

In business … that point of reference or “map” is KNOWING YOUR NUMBERS …

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