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When To Be Totally Submissive…

Although my businesses have grown rapidly by most business standards (1mil to 5 mils in 4 years), I can’t tell you how much STILL FEEL I HAVE TO LEARN. When speaking all over the world there is a phrase or thought that I warn people about. And that is the destructive thought of “I already know this”. No learning can possibly happen after that thought enters the mind. I myself am not immune to it either but as my mentors taught me many years ago, the first step to change is AWARENESS. Therefore every time I hear that sentence pop up in my mind, I take a deep breath and say the following sentence to myself “have a beginner mentality Ryan”

I have had many coaches over the years and I have to say that the person that has probably had the biggest impact on my life is a man by the name of Blair Singer. He is a Rich Dad advisor and Robert Kiyosaki’s best friend and business partner. I have spent countless hours with him over the years and had the privilege of teaching with him on stage.

I once attended an event of his in Phoenix Arizona and part of the programme was a physical exercise session with Blair’s longtime friend and trainer who is famous in his own right and living legend. His name is Mac Newton. To cut a long story short, he suffered a partial severing of the spinal cord and was told he would never walk again. Today he not only walks, but is the fittest 70+ year old I have ever met.

Before every session, Mac gives a “MOTIVATIONAL” talk. I remember sitting in the sweltering heat of Arizona, before a session and seeing Blair take out a note pad and pen to take notes. Blair is almost 70. After the session, Blair told me that he has been training with Mac for over 20 years…. To which my response was, AND YOU STILL TAKE NOTES. Blair smiled and said the following sentence that I have always remembered.


This is a gentleman that has achieved more than 99% of people on the planet, yet he is more than prepared to be, in his words “TOTALLY SUBMISSIVE”.

Everyone gets to this point at their own pace but I’ve always said that if students just stopped “thinking so much” and just did, they would double their success in half the time.

I will add a caveat to that and say, IN THE BEGINNING, if students spent less energy on thinking whether there going to do the said thing, and just did it…the results would flow at doable the pace but more importantly so too will the mistakes doable!

You see, here is the most important thing about making decisions …… The most important thing about making a decision is JUST MAKING THEM…. the result is completely irrelevant . The time between making decisions is the pain, and the thing that holds you back, NEVER THE ACTUAL DECISION, whether right or wrong.

Stop thinking SOOOOOOO much, just make the damn decision and be less attached to the result.

If you make fast decision’s you make fast mistakes and THEREIN LIES THE MAGIC. Your job is to make as many mistakes as quickly as possible….

The master has simply, made more mistakes than the amateur.


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