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The Power of Facebook Data

Facebook is arguably the most powerful marketing platform to ever exist. This is largely down to two factors. Firstly, the sheer size of Facebook! Facebook is far and away the largest social media platform right now, boasting 1.84 billion daily active users and 2.8 billion monthly active users. That’s 35% of the global population. Those are frankly mind-boggling numbers, especially when you consider that 37% of the global population do not have access to or have never used the internet, plus roughly 23% of the global population are under the minimum age to open a Facebook account.

The second factor that makes Facebook’s such a juggernaut Is the data it collects and stores. Facebook is rumoured to collect up to 52,000 data points on every user, tracking everything from gender and location to whether a user has a debit card and how much they are likely to spend on their next car! All this can be quite disconcerting, but this is exactly what makes Facebook such a playground for marketers and why it generated $27.2 Billion in ad revenue during Q4 2020 alone.Here are a few ways you can utilise Facebook’s vast data reserves to create custom audiences that will improve your marketing:

Website Traffic – Using a segment of tracking code supplied by Facebook (Facebook Pixel). You are able to track visitors to your website and re-target them with adverts on Facebook. This also allows you to accurately track how many users clicked from your advert and landed on your website. Using this function, you can create evergreen campaigns that re-target website traffic with new patient offers and testimonials to help close the deal!

Customer List – Facebook allows you to upload a list of your own data and target these users with advertising. It does this by matching the data you provide (such as email address, name, address, phone number etc) with existing Facebook accounts. This can be a great tool to re-market to your current clients, exclude current clients from specific campaigns or to re-active clients who have fallen out of care.

Video – Using custom audiences, you can target users who have shown interest or engaged with your video content. This is fantastic tool for narrowing down your audience to target just the ‘warmest’ leads and the users who are most interests in or align most with your clinic. You have numerous retargeting options and can decide to target users who viewed just 3 seconds of your video, all the way up to users who viewed 95% of your video, the choice is yours!

Facebook/Instagram Engagement – This custom audience allows you to target anyone who has engaged with either your Facebook or Instagram pages. This targeting can be generic, or you can be specific and choose to target people who have recently visited your page and/or liked your page and/or engaged with one of your posts. This is another tool you can use to target users with new patient offers.

Lead Form – The lead form custom audience allows you to target people based on how they have interacted with the forms within your lead generation adverts. This can be used to exclude users who have recently submitted one of your forms (so you are not wasting budget on the converted) or to target users who opened the form but did not submit. These are likely very warm leads who are likely to take you up on your next offer!

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