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Podcasting for Chiropractors: 7 Reasons to Start Today and Expand Your Patient Base

The reason most chiropractors struggle to expand their patient base is because traditional marketing methods often fall short in today’s digital age. This happens because most chiropractors are not fully leveraging the power of online platforms to connect with potential patients. In a world where information is consumed through various channels, adapting and utilising modern mediums become crucial. This is why we’re going to delve into the realm of podcasting, exploring how it can revolutionise patient attraction for chiropractors.

Weโ€™re going to walk you through:

  • The Power of Chiropractic Voice
  • Building a Personal Connection
  • Video Recording for Multipurpose Content
  • Expanding Your Reach Beyond the Clinic Walls
  • Positioning Yourself as an Authority
  • Leveraging the Intimacy of the Medium
  • Simplifying Patient Education

Let’s dive in and better understand why mastering podcasting can help chiropractors attract and retain patients, ultimately leading to a thriving practice.

The Power of Chiropractic Voice

In a world dominated by visuals, discover the untapped potential of your chiropractic voice through podcasting.

Podcasting allows chiropractors to convey their expertise and connect personally with their audience. In fact, 41% of Americans and 71% of Brits have listened to a podcast, showcasing the medium’s widespread appeal. Your voice becomes a powerful tool for educating, engaging, and attracting patients.

Neglecting the podcasting medium may mean missing out on a significant and growing audience. Make sure you invest in a good-quality microphone for clear and professional sound. 

Now, let’s explore how building a personal connection through podcasting can revolutionise patient relationships.

Building a Personal Connection

Podcasting breaks down the barriers between chiropractor and patient, fostering a sense of personal connection.

Patients seek healthcare providers they trust and feel connected to, and podcasting helps establish this personal connection. Nielsen reports that 80% of podcast listeners feel like they know the host. Establishing a personal connection instils trust and loyalty, leading to a higher patient retention rate.

Overlooking the personal touch in podcasting could result in a less engaged audience. Share personal anecdotes and stories to humanise your practice.

Now, let’s uncover the immense potential of incorporating video recording into your podcasting strategy.

Video Recording for Multipurpose Content

Take your podcast to the next level by incorporating video recording, unlocking endless possibilities for content repurposing.

Video recording allows chiropractors to repurpose podcast episodes for various marketing and social media channels. According to Cisco, online videos will make up 82% of all consumer internet traffic by 2023. One-time podcast recordings can be reused in video snippets, expanding your reach across platforms.

Neglecting video recording misses the opportunity to maximise the impact of your content. Invest in simple video recording equipment and edit podcast episodes into short, shareable clips. There are even low cost AI editing tools available nowadays that do this for you automatically.

Now, let’s explore how expanding your reach beyond the clinic walls can bring in a global audience.

Expanding Your Reach Beyond the Clinic Walls

Podcasting transcends physical boundaries, allowing your chiropractic message to reach far beyond your clinic walls.

Digital outreach extends your influence and attracts patients outside your immediate location. Statista indicates that there are over 2 million active podcasts and counting. With podcasting itโ€™s true that you can reach a global audience but for local businesses like Chiropractors, itโ€™s very powerful at helping you become the go to local and trusted chiropractic expert in your area.

Ignoring the digital landscape might limit your patient base to local referrals only. Research popular podcast platforms and submit your show to increase visibility. Spotify has a very easy to use free podcast service that you can get started with. 

Let’s understand how podcasting positions chiropractors as authorities in their field.

Positioning Yourself as an Authority

A podcast positions you as a thought leader, solidifying your status as an authoritative figure or even a local celebrity in chiropractic care.

Authority builds trust, making patients more likely to choose your practice. According to Nielsen, 65% of podcast listeners are more willing to consider purchasing products or services advertised during a podcast. Being perceived as an authority attracts patients seeking expert care.

Failing to showcase your expertise may result in potential patients choosing competitors. Plan episodes that delve into chiropractic topics, demonstrating your knowledge or even showcasing client success stories and the results youโ€™ve been able to get people.

Now, let’s dive into the intimate nature of podcasting and how it can foster deeper connections.

Leveraging the Intimacy of the Medium

Podcasting’s intimate nature creates a unique space for in-depth discussions, fostering a deeper connection with your audience.

Deeper connections lead to increased patient trust and loyalty. Midroll reports that podcast listeners are more engaged, with an average listening time of 30 minutes per episode. Longer engagement times allow for more in-depth discussions, educating patients on chiropractic principles.

Failing to leverage the intimacy of podcasting may result in a less engaged audience. Plan episodes with a conversational tone to create a more personal connection.

Let’s explore how podcasting simplifies complex chiropractic concepts for better patient education.

Simplifying Patient Education

Podcasting simplifies complex chiropractic concepts, making patient education more accessible and engaging.

Educated patients are more likely to commit to long-term care plans. A study by Statista found that 48% of podcast listeners are more likely to research a product after hearing about it on a podcast. Clear, concise explanations on your podcast can demystify chiropractic care for potential patients.

Using jargon or complex language may alienate listeners who are new to chiropractic concepts. Plan episodes that break down common misconceptions and explain treatments in simple terms.

Finally, let’s wrap up by emphasising the transformative impact of podcasting on chiropractic practices.

Incorporating podcasting into your chiropractic strategy is not just about reaching a wider audience but also establishing yourself as a trusted authority in the field. By leveraging the power of your voice, building personal connections, and incorporating video recording, you’re not only attracting new patients but also creating a sustainable, patient-centric practice.

Love and Light,


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