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Model Serena Williams’ Coach In Your Practice 

Ryan Rieder, Serena Williams, & Patrick Mouratoglou

What a wonderful Mastermind was shared with the Inner Circle members last month! Thank you all for your trust and for making it the wonderful event it was!!

The Masterminds really get me thinking about all the practices with which I’ve worked. One theme that has been most consistent across a large majority of them is an attitude of excitedly coaching their teams, and in particular their associates. That message is one of the keys to growing your associate-based practices and bigger teams

A further nuance seems to be that there is an increasing correlation of enthusiastic coaching with higher attraction and retention of associates. Typically coaching tends to be “clinical” in nature. “Let’s have a look at those X-rays,” “Let’s run through that exam,” “I’m coming to observe your ROF,” “Let me help you with that difficult case.”

Let me save you A LOT of pain! In short, when you’re being clinical, you’re trying to emulate the enthusiasm a dog might have when the owner picks up a ball. That description immediately conjures up a tail-wagging type of thing.

There is a coach” for you to model! Look no further than Patrick Mouratoglou, Serena Williams’ tennis coach. Honestly, follow ALL his stuff. You’ll love him. He posts little clips of himself coaching tennis. You’ll be obsessed! It’s amazing. He’s infectious! He coaches amateurs and pros in the clips, and there is no difference in his enthusiasm than if he were coaching Serena herself. If you want a real Masterclass in coaching, watch the entire Netflix documentary called The Playbook – A Coach’s Rules for Life. Start with Patrick’s episode. You can follow him on Facebook and there’s no doubt you will be a better enthusiastic coach when you model his technique.

Yours in Service,

Dr Ryan Rieder, D.C.

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