This is a little story from the week we did our annual 2 day “off-site” event. That’s where we get out of the business and spend TWO FULL DAYS working on things like core values, 1 year plan, 3 year plan, trust builders etc.

I just want to be clear, I REALLY DIDN’T FEEL LIKE IT. Taking two full day’s away from “work” and family is a big commitment for anybody, especially when you have been travelling as much as I have.

Every part of my being wanted to squirm a way out of it.

Imagine an “evil” little voice on one shoulder whispering every conceivable reason why this 2-day planning, wasn’t in fact “necessary”.

Now insert voice of reason on the other shoulder…

Here is the truth, what you “FEEL” like doing and what you “NEED” to be doing have nothing to do with each other.

Here is why we too often listen to the first “evil” voice.


It is the absolute personification of immediate gratification, almost immediately you feel “better”, falsely reinforcing the fact that the decision to quit or not follow through with the thing, was the correct decision.

Here are the two time’s people are most prone to “quitting”;

1. Before they even start 2. Just before success

Now the key is having the self-awareness to know the difference between “letting something go” and “quitting”. That’s for another days teaching, and the reason I hope you are coming to the Live Mastermind on the 28th of November.

But for more on the subject of “letting go” and “taking huge leaps in success” I highly recommend reading the prescribed Live Mastermind homework by Dr Price Pritchett called You2.

So the next time you don’t feel like doing something or feel like quitting, just remember that you have a choice which “voice” to listen to 😊😊

Love and light


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