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Why You Need To Become a Fearless Leader | Part 1

Leadership is about getting as many of your team “looking” in the same direction as possible.  

The word ‘same’ or ‘unified’  springs to mind when we talk about leadership.

In stark contrast, management is all about embracing the fact that each and every individual is different and making sure they feel that their own individualism is “heard”.  


 = same “ness” 


= different “ness” 

Management definitely takes more patience and a real determination to make everyone feel like an individual and heard via one on one meetings.

I’ve become a bit too “grumpy” to be an effective “manager” now. 

I had my time, and I was patient, empathetic. I have a very different and important role now..TO BE GRUMPY!  

I’ve been given many pieces of business advice over the years, much of which I’ve paid a lot of money for. 

Some good, some not so much. But of all the pieces of advice i’ve been given, this one has probably caused more grief, sleepless nights and frustration than just about any.

Here it is…

You should never expect less of your team than you expect of yourself

A noble piece of advice but..

I’m not going to say it was TERRIBLE ADVICE , but lets rather say, it’s TERRIBLY HARD to achieve.  

Meaning, it’s terribly hard to ENFORCE the above while at the same time be an empathetic “good” manager. 

Sometimes what’s needed is an “irrational”, my way or the highway type of attitude. 

A good manager “listens” intently.

A “harsh”, but sometimes “needed” leader says, SUCK IT UP, PRINCESS

I can turn the “manager Ryan” on if needed but in my business it would be detrimental to our mission.

My job is to be, at times “irrational”. 

Your job is to realise that either you’re going to need to hire someone to be the effective manager leaving you to lead, or when you need to find the balance between managing AND leading. 

The Founder of Intel, Andrew Grove, famously said, ONLY THE PARANOID SURVIVE. 

I think that there is a lot of truth in that statement. 


Right now, in your business ….there is something NOT HAPPENING and  YOU are turning a blind eye. In part to not appear anal, irrational or dare I say it…a micro manager. 

Well here is the thing…. you are, whether knowingly or not, choosing to lose money because you’re being “nice”, “understanding”, “kind” or any other lukewarm superlative to describe or justify your “decision” or “lack thereof”!!

How do I know?!

..because, I am just as guilty. If it’s happening in my business then you can be sure it’s happening in your business!

Lets give you a couple examples; 

A script not being said 

A procedure not being done 

A list not being phoned 

Phones not being answered 

Referral vouchers not being handed out  

Meetings not being attended 

Your team being late and nothings being said  

Hearing something said at the front desk that makes you cringe but you don’t say anything 

Basic standards not being upheld i.e. toilets not cleaned, boards not updated, bins not cleaned, flowers + fruit bowls not being replaced  

People not being offered herbal teas or water  

And probably one of the biggest sins of all PEOPLE NOT BEING GREETED…  

The point IS NOT that everything should happen all the time. 

The point I’m making is that sometimes..


Yes that’s right , it’s your choice, you’re advocating it not happening EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU IGNORE IT, OR TURN A BLIND EYE! 

How do I know that you’re at least guilty of choosing for one of these not to happen??..because I have been there. Many times!

The sick feeling in your stomach when you DON’T say something. 

Deep down you know that in that moment the staff/practice actually owns YOU, not the other way around… 

Well it’s time to say “Enough is Enough” 

I have long been an advocate of “constructively” losing it… 

“Anger” can sometimes be used constructively. 


Part 2 Coming Soon…

Love and Light,

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