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Why Facebook Matters

Let’s start with understanding why you should care about Facebook.

The big attraction is its potential reach. It is also an important part of the life of users. Users access Facebook eight times a day for up to 20 minutes at a time. There are 17.4 billion active users, an increase of 21% year over year.

One of the first things users do every morning- before nourishing and hydrating themselves or acknowledging their partner- is check Facebook. For large numbers of people, they switch off the alarm and just start scrolling.

Marketing Benefits of Facebook

  • The power of targeting is worthy of a superhero!
  • Access communities more efficiently than other social media platforms
  • Unheard of speed at which you can access that community.

Every 60 seconds on Facebook, 510,000 comments are posted, 292,000 statuses are updated, 136,000 photos are uploaded, and 300 new profiles are created.

It’s clear you have a growing and very engaged audience.

So that’s the big picture about Facebook but lets go into some of the reasons why it can be so important for your marketing.

One of the big things about Facebook is that it has power of targeting worthy of a superhero.

You’re targeting not everyone, but someone. You can get your message only in front of the exact ideal audience you want within a specific distance from your establishment.

That’s the most powerful thing about Facebook. It is crazy easy to target.

The next key factor is the ability to reach communities more efficiently than with other social media platforms.

With some Facebook groups, you get to spread aweareness of your product to people who need your product, but do not know it yet.

The speed at which you can get access that community is unheard of. Within 15 minutes with Facebook, you can get a message to the mothers of your town, who are inherested in their health, live within 10 miles of your clinic, and are above 30 years old.

When we look at Facebook, an analogy I like is that it’s no different than a screening. Becuase you have to be present at a location where people are browsing with no specific agenda. You have to stamd out from the mass, get noticed and get to engage with them.

Then you educate them to serve the person and also have a but of reciprocity, so they make an intelligent decision to do business with you.

You talk to them, you educate them so they’re not what we call a ‘cold lead’, and it’s an intelligent and easy decision for them to do business with you.

If they like your product and they think it’s right for them, you then give them the opportunity to make the first step to becoming a client of yours.

At a screening, it’s basically exchanging information, purchasing a voucher and getting on the phone with them.

On Facebook, it’s no different- exchanging details, email, phone numbers, “I’ll get in touch with you and get you booked.” The set-up is identical.

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