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Top 5 Steps to a successful in-house spinal screening

Deliver 10’s of New Patients Every Single Month

  1. Pick the perfect date

Picking the perfect date is crucial to having a successful event. We always recommend running your event on a Saturday. This will guarantee you the maximum amount of potential new clients as people are not working and have more time to attend. Depending on capacity, you can run your event at anytime throughout the day and for as many hours as you wish. For reference, we run our events 10:00am to 14:00pm and book appointments in 10-minute slots (you are unlikely to have 100% attendance, so will likely have a few now show slots to catch up or have a breather). I recommend running no more then 1 spinal screening every month, so try to leave 4 or more weeks between events. This helps keep your audience from getting ‘fatigued’ and keeps your events desirable and fresh.

Ninja Move: Some of our Inner Circles have found success running a multi-day event. So instead of picking a specific day, you advertise your event over multiple days or even a week. When people get tickets, you can then book them in around your regular patients so that you don’t have to work additional hours. 

  1. Set up your event page.

The event page is the next step in creating your perfect events. We set up our event pages through Eventbrite. This is a free to use ticketing platform that is well known and holds a high reputation which is perfect for us to capitalise on. Your event page is the place to give more information about your event, here is a list of key things you should include:

  • Who is hosting the event (your clinic or practitioner name)
  • How much experience your clinic has
  • A friendly team photo to appear relatable and to give that ‘local’ feel
  • What will happen at the screening
  • The reasons someone should come for a spine check
  • What they will learn at the screening
  • What equipment you will be using and what that equipment does (SAM/Posture app)
  • The date, time, and location of the event
  • Scarcity. Make sure you mention tickets are limited and will sell out.
  • Testimonials of current or previous happy clients (can be taken from google reviews)

When creating your event page, make sure to set the tickets as ‘FREE’. We have experimented charging for tickets several times and the results are nowhere near as good when compared to ‘FREE’. The aim of this event is to offer value first and give people the opportunity to try before they buy. Remember, the general public are still not fully educated on what Chiropractic is and how it can help them. In our industry, we are also dealing with peoples most valuable possession, their health! Therefore, a Free event like this is perfect for engaging new people and converting customer who would have never previously have sought out chiropractic care.

Ninja Move: Limit the number of tickets available to give the illusion that there is always only a few remaining. Our aim for a spinal screening is to sell 30+ tickets. However, when we first publish our event, we set the tickets to a random low amount (E.g. 14). This gives the illusion that some tickets have already sold and that there isn’t many remaining. We then keep an eye on our events and as soon as the ticket numbers get close to or drop below 5, we add a few extra tickets. When utilising this strategy, you must make sure you are checking your event on a regular basis. The worst thing that can happen is for your tickets to go to 0 while still spending money on adverts, pushing people to a page where they cannot sign up!

Membership Site Tip – If you are a member or the Inner Circle group, then check out tech call 58 on the membership site for a full walk through of how to set up the perfect event page on Eventbrite.

  1. Create your Facebook advert.

Now that you have your event page set up, you need to drive some traffic towards it. The best way to do this is through Facebooks ads. The key goal for your Facebook ad is to get the ‘click’. Therefore, you don’t want to make the ad too content heavy, keep it short, snappy and to the point, giving just enough information to entice someone to make the click. Here are the essentials to include in your Facebook advert:

  • Call out you audience (E.g. ‘’Attention Windsor Residents’’) 
  • Make it obvious that it is a FREE event 
  • Briefly describe the event and who the event is for
  • Bullet point the key details (Date, time, Location, Cost – Free)
  • Develop scarcity (limited availability)
  • Include a call to action (‘’Click book now to reserve your spot!’’)

You should expect to budget at least £300 on an event like this and for that should aim to get 30+ ticket sales. I always recommend using both image ads and video ads for these events (Video ads often outperform image ads). If you are using images, make sure to pick eye catching images that are relevant (images of the spine). If you are doing videos, these can be super simple. Take your iPhone and shoot a selfie style video in the clinic, or while out on a walk. Introduce yourself and briefly explain; what the event is, who the event is for, when/where the event is and how people can book their place. This video should be no longer than 1.5 minutes.

Ninja Move: Include free branded ‘goodie bags’ for all attendees. You can reference these in your marketing efforts and show them in your promotional videos. These act as an ‘ethical bribe’ making people more likely to sign up and then show up for you event. These goodie bags should include information and gifts that are ‘difficult’ to throw away and have ‘staying power’ (Think bottles, coasters, tote bags, stress balls). These will act as a constant reminder of your clinic in the attendee’s house. So even if they leave the event without booking an initial consultation, you will still be showing up daily in their life, so when they are ready for treatment, you will be at the top of their mind.

Membership Site Tip – If you are a member or the Inner Circle group, then check out tech call 59 on the membership site for a full walk through of how to set up the perfect Facebook advert for your spinal screening event.

  1. Follow Up

Having people sign up for your event is only half the battle. Your next task is to contact them to book them into a specific time slot and to make sure they show upon the day. This is not as easy as it seems and just because someone has taken the effort to grab a free ticket, does not mean they are guaranteed to attend! To give you some benchmark numbers, you should be looking to book in 80% of your tickets to appointments, you should then expect an 80% of those bookings to attend/show up. In practice this may look something like this:

  • 30 ticket sales
  • 24 booked time slots
  • 19 people show up on the day.

The better your follow up, the higher these numbers and the more profitable your events will be. As soon as someone purchases a ticket, they should receive a call to get them booked. The quicker you call a lead after they have filled in their details, the more likely you are to get hold of them. If you don’t get hold of them, leave a voice mail. We urge you to make more than one call on the first day (we call three times). If they do not pick up, DO NOT GIVE UP ON THE LEAD! Your screening leads should receive a call a day until they answer and book in. Do not feel awkward about calling this often, by purchasing the ticket they have requested follow up. If they answer and are slightly annoyed at the frequency of calls, you can simply explain ‘’Sorry, we were just so concerned you hadn’t got a time slot booked in yet and really didn’t want you to miss out on the spine and posture check’’. 

Ninja Move: Vary your call times and call devices. If someone doesn’t answer at 9am one day, try calling them at a different time the next. If someone didn’t pick up when you called from a landline, try calling from a mobile or withholding your number.

Ninja Move: Add a pre or post call texts. Pre call texts can be used to pre-warn your prospects that you will be calling them soon. You can include your number and clinic name in this text, so they know exactly who the call is coming form and are therefore more likely to pick up. Most of the time people don’t answer because they don’t know who is calling them! A post call text can be used in a similar way, just to let them know it was you who was trying to contact them to book them in. You can include a call back number in this text, so they have a clear way of contacting you. You can also include some scarcity in this text ‘’Due to the popularity of this event, we cannot hold your ticket for ever. If you do not make contact within the next 48 hours, we will have to open up your place to someone else.’’ 

In addition to your phone follow up, you should also have reminder emails being sent. Eventbrite offers in built reminder emails that you can customise to your liking. We send 6 reminder emails through Eventbrite, one 10 days before the event, one 6 days, one 4 days, one 2 days, 1 24-hours and one 2 hours before the event starts. These emails are simple, just include a reminder of how long they have until the event and that a free goodie bag has already been prepared and is waiting for them. You must also include a line saying something equivalent to ‘’We will have been trying to contact you via telephone to book you into your 10 min appointment. If we have not managed to get hold of you, please give us a call on 01753 989021 to book your slot.’’. That way you will have people calling you back to book in their time slot, alleviating some of the pressure from your team. 

Ninja Move: Include in your marketing and follow up emails that their ticket includes a plus one. This will encourage them to bring a family member a friend along with them, increasing your show up’s.

Alongside the Eventbrite emails, I advise you also send a couple of reminders from your own CRM. The reason why we don’t fully rely on our own CRM here is because the client doesn’t necessarily have a relationship with us yet, but does know and recognise Eventbrite. That means they are more likely to open an email from Eventbrite and Eventbrite emails are less likely to end up in their junk folder. By doing with (Eventbrite and CRM) you cover all your bases, just in case they have opted out of, or are not seeing the Eventbrite emails.

Ninja Move: Switch up your subject lines in each email. This will help appeal to a wider array of people and help achieve a higher open rate.

  1. Put on a great event!

Unfortunately, I cannot go into detail regarding the appointment and sale itself in this article (It would end up being 100 pages long!). If you are interested in improving your one-to-one sessions, conversions and sales, then simply spend as much time as possible with Ryan either through the Inner Circle calls and masterminds or by attending his Sales & Conversions Alchemy 5-week course. Ryan is a master at this kind of sale and this course is guaranteed to improve your initial, day 1 and day 2 conversions. 

On the day itself, be prepared with high energy and a positive mindset. The likelihood is you are going to see 10-30 appointments back-to-back, so make sure you treat the final client with the same energy and enthusiasm as you did the first. Be prepared for the unexpected. Although you have hopefully been diligent with your follow up, you are guaranteed to have no shows OR people who did not book a time slot showing up (or plus ones!). You should be prepared and have contingencies in place for both eventualities (you do not want to have to turn people away!). Make sure the waiting room is clean and pleasant, have some music playing and invest in a nice bunch of flowers for the day. In none covid times, supply some healthy snacks and refreshments for your punters to enjoy while they wait. The more of an event the day feels like, the higher your conversions will be.At the end of your appointment, you are going to want to offer them a full initial consultation for a reduced price. This discount must only be redeemable on the day ‘’To be fair to everyone who comes in tomorrow and pays full price, I can only offer this discount for people who book today’’. If they are keen to book in, DO NOT send them to the front desk unattended. As soon as you lose sight of them, the chances are they will see the door and walk straight out! Walk them to the front desk and stand/talk with them while the CA processes their booking, or better still, make the booking and payment in the consultation room.

Love and Light


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