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The Winners And Losers Of The Covid Business War!

What a journey this has all been.

There were winners and there were LEARNERS …..

This month I’ve summarised what the “winners” all had in common. 

There were really only 5 things that winners had in common. 

  1. They Trusted me and my team!

I am ever so grateful and honoured to have been in the position to serve my inner circle. But be that as it may, there is no way we could have been as effective as we were had it not been for your willingness to trust me and my team. THANK YOU!

The week that lockdown was announced my team and I had an emergency meeting that would later become known as “project serve”. In it we simply came up with one directive which was “whatever they need they get”.

I have been saying this for a little while now. The Inner Circle is NOT the “Ryan show”. If it were then we could never have had the growth and impact we have had in such a short space of time. 

It was a team effort and I hope we showed you that “we are all in”.

But us showing we were all in was just the start of what needed to happen. It also took a serious amount of humbleness and trusting to “let go” and believe in the process and recommendation you were being taught. That is more rare than you may think! 

2. They drew closer!

One of the very first Q and A calls we did in the beginning of the Lockdown, I told everyone a quote from the book called “the Crash Course” by Chris Martenson where he explains that the single most important determining factor as to whether some survives a crisis or not was their “community”. 

The power of the pack came into effect like I have never seen before within the Inner Circle Group!


Yes of course it was helpful having my team and I support you and give you strategies. Mark my words, you will look back one day and trace many six figures of income to those very strategies. 

But the truth of the matter is that what I saw that was very powerful was the effect the group had on our members’ confidence. 

Most didn’t recognise it was happening, but BOY IT MADE A HUGE DIFFERENCE. For some, it was the difference between “life and death” from a business perspective. 

Without a right environment to give you the confidence to implement many would have done nothing. That’s just what fear does. Makes you freeze.

That’s why right now, there are practices doing records in my group while there are many businesses all over the world closing their doors. 

3. They Over- Communicated!

Loss of momentum was always going to be the biggest killer. Without doubt those that have not only come out of this strong but are now doing records are the “over-communicators”. 

Some sent an email and video a day, others made 2 to 3 hours of calls a day. Others sent texts and set up a YouTube channel. One member filmed over 100 videos. 

The point is, without exception, those that did everything in their power to stay in the forefront of the customers mind are winning and winning BIG. If you attended my last virtual mastermind you will have context to understand that in essence those that over communicated with their database stopped their business falling down in the “invisible phase”!

Let me add that it seems that this single fact was so important that one needed to understand that going “overboard” even at the risk of “irritating” a few people seemed to make all the difference.

For example: 

Over a period of about 3 to 4 months we sent about 55 emails and some people may have got as many as 20 texts.

To another list I sent 73 emails per person in the same period.

One Inner Circle member sent close to 80 emails in the first three months of lockdown (an email a day). That practice just registered a record total collection in over 15 years of practicing in the weeks after the lockdown! That’s just one of the many similar stories from those that emailed , text, wrote, and phoned in a seemingly “OVERBOARD” fashion during this period.

Makes you think ….why did it take a “crisis” to embrace that communication line.

4.They showed up:

If you have been with me for some time you would not be a stranger to the following line “the secret to success is to show up”.

Boy has that line not only helped many people come through this “crisis”, but come through with even a stronger business.

We averaged 4 calls a week during the first lockdown and many members showed up to over 80% of those. 

That’s an insane amount of commitment, but you understood the principle of the “slight edge”. This is the phenomenon of successful people “showing up” or “investing” in the continual effort of looking for the “2%” improvement. This continual effort to seek out the “slight edge” usually manifests itself not in “slight improvements” but massive change. 

Often it’s just one line in a three hour call that is the difference between a campaign not working and “a six figure campaign”. 

All that the impending crisis did was ramp up the consequences of missing that “line”. 

But it took a huge amount of commitment to “show up” and for that I commend you.

5. They got their hands “dirty”:

They did whatever it takes. 

For some that meant adjusting all the patients while the team was furloughed, for others that meant adjusting again after successfully removing oneself from the business. 

Others had to manually get paper files input on their computer system and others phoned hundreds of patients and personally did hundreds of handwritten cards etc. 

Whatever it was, the heart of it was that …. this was not a time to hold anything back. Without doubt, if there ever was a time in history to throw the kitchen sink at “it” it was now. That’s exactly what you did!

Now the trick is to embrace this “crisis” style “ALL IN” mentality not merely when there is a crisis but whenever you pull the trigger on a campaign. 

So those are my five observations of the actions of the practice owners who most successfully navigated this most challenging time. You all did amazing and no doubt embraced most of these in your one way. 

The real point of this article is to highlight the fact that those 5 “actions” should not only be called upon in a crisis but are tried and tested actions that will get you not only through a crisis but crucially to the next step your practice journey.

Love and light 


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