This is what every practice owner needs to know about maximising profit in the new economy!

The week that we went into lockdown and had to close our 8 practices, I attended a group coaching call with Robert Kiyosaki. I will never forget what he said, “Welcome to the new economy, it’s the do more to get the same economy”.

Within days of that call I was on another call with Dan Kennedy and reiterated that sentiment, but from a slightly different perspective. He drove home the fact that now more than ever you have got to get good at “getting more from less”. Meaning you have got to be able to “get more” income, profit, revenue etc. from less people, contracts etc.

Consider then just how important this blog is for you ANYTIME but even more now!

The single biggest mistake you're making!

Sales and the ability to sell has NEVER been more important but consider then that it is a well-documented FACT that 80% of all sales happen after 7 to 21 contacts or touches.

Yet, let me ask you this. What percentage of time do you dedicate towards the front end as opposed to the backend? 

If 80% of all sales have been documented to be after 7 to 21 touches, why don't we spend more time on the backend in our industry? 

There is a million and one courses on how to sell or do a report of finding and they are all important, but how many “courses” do people attend to do “follow up”. Exactly zero is my guess!

The single biggest mistake small businesses make is poor follow up and nurture.

There is a deep-seated problem within our industry, and it is that we are infected by this idea of a “Sales Now + Only Now” culture. Meaning that if a person decided not to use our service RIGHT NOW, at the first attempt, we simply accept “defeat” and assume that that person will never use our service ever. 

It’s an “eat what you kill” immediate gratification culture. If they don't say yes right now, we simply assume they're gone forever. 

The bottom line is adding follow-up sequences and relentless follow-up will increase all your sales by 5% to 20%.. PERIOD!

So where to start…


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