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The Queen is one EXTREME MOFO??


It’s pretty amazing that it’s been 70 years since Queen Elizabeth II first sat on the throne. Isn’t that quite something?

For me, one word comes to mind when I think about her long reign and life…


And boy, does she epitomise that word.

I’m not even sure how she did it, it’s quite something.

She has been showing up consistently for 70 years, day in, day out. She’s travelled the world, visited Commonwealth countries, hosted world leaders, held summits for countless causes and even had JFK over for dinner… but she’s also done a lot of things you’d think she wouldn’t want to get out of bed for.

She’s opened shopping centres, gyms, train lines, bridges… you name it and she’s probably had to cut the ribbon for it.

Now, while me and you would probably be thrilled to be asked to open a shopping centre… imagine if you go from meeting world leaders one day to doing that the next. You’d be moaning at why you have to go… but she still showed up.

And she’s been doing it consistently for 70 years.

I mean… what can’t be solved with consistency and showing up?

Honestly, NOTHING!

But….. there is another, probably unnoticed, lesson we can learn from the Queen.


The Queen Is One Extreme Mofo…


Honestly, SUCCESS required moments of EXTREME or being “unbalanced” AT TIMES, no matter what anyone tells you.

I mean… just think about the Queen again.

We are here celebrating her incredible reign and boy does she deserve this moment. But just recognise the “extreme” or “unbalanced” nature of periods of her life.

Here is just one example…

When the Queen was just 27, she and the late Prince Philip embarked on a tour of Australia where she visited 57 towns and cities during the 58 days they spent there.

That in itself qualifies as “extreme”, but now consider that her two children were only 5 and 3 at the time and DID NOT accompany her on the tour…

Again… ALL IN.

Whether you agree with it or not … is irrelevant.

Just acknowledge the “extreme” work ethic she had at times in her career…

Honestly, most successful people have a “story” like that …

I recently heard the famous comedian, Jimmy Carr talk about doing 300 gigs a year for about 5 years before he “made it”…

Just think about that …. 300 gigs a year… INSANE!

Well again … at times success will require “EXTREMES”… so just embrace it…

For you that could look like…

  • Extreme diving in statistics in your business
  • Extreme scripting for day 1 and day 2
  • Extreme “showing up” for screenings
  • Extreme investment in hanging around the right people

In Summary

So, the lesson I most take from the Queen’s long and glorious reign is… she certainly wasn’t afraid to go ALL IN BABY… so neither should you!

Love and light,


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