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Text (SMS) Marketing

This is a very powerful form of marketing. It has the highest deliverability of any type of media and the highest open rate of any type of media.

But be careful with it because people do regard texting them as quite a personal space. We’ve learned this lesson. We sent one text and it literally caused Bedlam in my office.

The text was for clients who never came for one day. I tried to reactivate them. I sent like 100 of them a text that said, “I’ve been trying to get in touch with you about your upcoming appointment.”

They go, “What upcoming appointment? What’s going on?” The phones are going off the hook. Everyone was like, “What have you done?”

But that’s how you test. Next run we went a little softer. But look how powerful it is!

Then it’s best when used as a follow-up to an email. I like to send a text when someone clicks on something or to all the higher spending groups. Just be very apologetic in your text and emails. Lots of empathy. And most of the time it’s open-ended stuff like, “Did you get your email? Did you get our letter?” or “We tried to call.”

Broadcast texts do get read. However, open-ended texts are much better. It’s just there to start a conversation.

There are some fancy pieces of tech that will link directly into your CRM and are also two-way, meaning if they respond it shows up on your computer or iPad etc.

Text Marketing

  • Highest deliverability rate
  • Highest open rate
  • Be a little careful with frequency as people perceive getting a text as quite a personal thing
  • Best when used as a follow-up to an email or letter (Did you get our email? Did you get our letter? We tried to call.)
  • Broadcasts do get read but the most powerful are open-ended texts and questions
  • Start a conversation (best is two-way options)

We can send 100 texts and I can respond to them live via Facebook Messenger or chat. But its on a computer. It’s awesome. We’re actually having conversations with people.

But I’m going to tell you your biggest bang for your buck in your clinic right now… I know that you can send texts from a lot of your systems, but I would recommend this. Just have a cheap mobile at the front desk and get your team to start sending more texts.

I know a very successful clinic, they purposely choose to send a text via a telephone, by a mobile, instead of using a big fancy system.

I know what you’re thinking, “It’s extra work.” But, really is it? How many new clients can you possibly have in a day? If you’ve got 10, it’s a lot.

But, on average one, two, three a day, and it’s like, “Hey, it’s Mary at the front desk. I’m checking are you coming in for your appointment? I just want to confirm”. Make it as personal as possible.

Your show-up rates are going to go through the roof and you’re going to connect more with your clients. It’s the biggest bang for your buck. Just suck it up. Put a mobile phone at the front desk. And get your team to text a bit more. And you will have awesome results.

Remember this, the new lead is a conversation. This is what everyone is talking about. You’ve got to converse with your audience.

Text messaging is a great start to a conversation. And it can be done easily and effectively simply by a mobile phone at the front desk without worrying about complicated software.

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