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Structure = Function, in the Body AND the Practice!

In health and business …

A very pertinent analogy is the fact that, in the human body, STRUCTURE = FUNCTION.

There are many learning’s that we all gain from our years running practices and businesses, but for me, the one that has been front and centre is that ….in a business, it seems that STRUCTURE TOO = FUNCTION.


This is extremely boring stuff by the way, unfortunately it seems that growth andin particular financial growth AKA MONEY, LOVES BORING/ STRUCTURE

Success in fact, is DAMN BORING. The discipline to do the CONTEXT stuff even when you don’t feel like it and in fact when you don’t “see” the benefits. THAT IS HARD, YET CRITICAL FOR LONG TERM SUCCESS. 


I don’t care if you quite literally have the hand of god attached to your pisiform and that people flock to your practice like a scene from the pied piper…. you need structure.

Here is the bare minimum I suggest;

  1. Core Values (hire, fire reward by them)
  2. Scorecards (updated weekly)
  3. Weekly 60-90 minute meeting (to be witnessed at live mastermind)
  4. Quarterly meeting 
  5. Monthly one on one’s (using people analyser, also to be taught at Live Mastermind)

The boring discipline to do that week in and week out …..bleh.

But here is the real key to success…. DOING IT EVEN WHEN YOU DON’T FEEL LIKE IT.

BORINGLY….AND THANKFULLY, we will be covering this again at the live mastermind. If you’re not going to be there ……. It not too late ☺

Love and light, 


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