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  • Ep.66 Why Are New Patients From Talks So Good? September 17, 2020
    Check out this small segment from my Talks Bootcamp event where I discuss why the patients we get from doing talks are such good new patients!
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  • Ep.65 Are You Running Successful Holiday Campaigns? September 14, 2020
    Holiday campaigns are golden in businesses, there are endless amounts of holidays in a year from Halloween, Christmas, Back to School to National Ice Cream Day. These present the opportunity and permission in the market place for you to be able to create hype around your offer or promotion and create another new patient avenue.
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  • Ep.64 PROOF You Should Never Give Up On Old Patients September 10, 2020
    How many old patient files do you have? You think they're worthless right? Well you're wrong, one of my clients reactivated over 100 patents from just sorting through their old files!
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  • Ep.63 Jamie Alderton's Top Tips To Winning On Social Media September 7, 2020
    The last time Jamie Alderton and I sat down we discussed what it takes to 'make it' on social media and the work required to be at the top, check out the full episode below.
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  • Ep.62 My 4 Steps To Business Growth And Success September 3, 2020
    I believe there are 4 key points to business growth and success. On a trip to St.Louis I sat down and discussed what I believe these 4 steps are and how to implement them in your business.
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  • Ep.61 Hire, Fire and Reward On Your Core Values August 31, 2020
    Core values should be at the heart of every business but really they are pointless unless you are using them in the right way including hiring, firing and rewarding based on them.
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  • Ep.60 Systems Change But Good Business Structure Prevails August 27, 2020
    Scripting as much as it's part of the process it's definitely not the answer else we all would have 'made' it by now. The real way towards a great business is good business structure.
    DCPG Show
  • Ep.59 This One Strategy Took Her To Over 300 Visits A Week After Lockdown August 24, 2020
    Was this time tough for you or are you thriving more than ever? Check out the results from one of my inner circle members who is now seeing over 300 visits a week after lockdown using just one strategy!
    DCPG Show
  • Ep.58 Why We Need To Change The Perception Of Sales August 20, 2020
    What do you think of when you hear the word salesman, normally bad connotations right? We need to change these perceptions because really we are all in sales and we need need to create a better light around it.
    DCPG Show
  • Ep.57 11 Step Immediate Action Plan To Improve Customer Acquisition August 17, 2020
    Customer acquisition isn't exactly the easiest thing right now but here's my 11 step immediate action plan to get the process starting again. The overriding message throughout all of my teaching right now is just do more, whatever it is just do more of it!
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