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  • Ep.35 How To Create A Better Connection With Your Patients Via Email June 1, 2020
    Email marketing is so often overlooked but it's a great way to connect with all your patients. Right now people are sat at home waiting for communication so a simple email can encourage them to engage wit you further.   🚨 Sign up to my lockdown to relaunch LIVE 3 part workshop now - lockdowntorealaunch.com 🚨
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  • Ep.34 "People Want Care More Than Ever" May 28, 2020
    This week on the podcast I am joined by Dr.Brain, one of my inner circle members. Brian recently joined me on a live stream and we talked about everything from social media to making changes and even how the lockdown has made people want care more than ever!  🚨 Sign up for my lockdown to […]
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  • Ep.33 Why Warren Buffet Will Always Be More Successful Than You May 25, 2020
    On this episode of the DC Practice Growth Show I talk about the amazing Warren Buffet, his tips of becoming successful and what his greatest investment of all time was.
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  • Ep.32 My Killer Tips For Email Marketing May 21, 2020
    Email marketing is huge right now, it keeps people engaged with your business and will increase the chances of them doing business with you when this is all over. Here are my six killer tip for email marketing!
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  • Ep.31 What Got You Here Won't Get You There May 18, 2020
    On a trip earlier this year to San Sebastian I visited one of my inner circle members clinics and discussed the idea of creating space, both physical and mental. The idea of "The very thing that helped you grow may be the very thing not allowing you to grow".
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  • Ep.30 Take Ownership Of The Message | With Dr. Fab Mancini May 14, 2020
    Check out this short extract from a recent call with Dr. Fab Mancini where he talked about the importance of writing and re-writing goals and how we should all be taking ownership of the message being shared to our clients!
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  • Ep.29 The Person With The Biggest Risk Wins May 11, 2020
    A couple of weeks ago I jumped on a call with a good friend of mine and her coaching group to discuss some things that they can be doing right now to get through the current climate! Some of things discussed were: * The Person With The Biggest Risk Wins * How I Think Your […]
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  • Ep.28 The Person That Asks The Most Questions Wins May 7, 2020
    Asking questions is the easiest way to win.
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  • Ep.27 My 11 Foundational Rules Of A Business Focussed Practice May 4, 2020
    I have 11 foundational rules which I teach everyone I coach, I truly believe that following these 11 rules will put you in a better place, especially in the current tough times we are all facing.
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  • Ep.26 What Chiropractors Can Learn From Will Smith April 30, 2020
    Will Smith, one of the biggest movie stars in the world has shifted too promoting himself online so people show up to his films, so why aren't you? I believe the industry has changed and we need to show up in their lives so they will show up in ours!
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