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 #1 The 32+ Page ''Practice Growth Play Book'' Directly To Your Door Every Month  
The Best Way To Grow Is To Stay Close To The Heat ... 
When we were studying, we were constantly consuming information, trying to perfect our craft. After graduating, many of us stop. Not because we don't want to learn, but purely because there isn't an abundance of up to date, relative information available regarding actually running a Chiropractic Business.

7 years ago when I was figuring everything out, I would have KILLED for a resource that gave me vital and insightful information, directly related to Chiropractic on a monthly basis.

Luckily, I am now in a position where I can provide this service and I want everyone to know about it!  

This membership is huge. Each month we post a 32+ page playbook to your door.
There is no waffle in these, they are lean, mean, information machines that get right to the point and will directly help you grow your practice.

We have: Business based articles, directly related to the running and growth of your business. Tech articles, detailing exactly what tech you should be utilising and how to use it. Social media articles, keeping you up to date with every new development AS IT HAPPENS! Real life case studies with my top Inner Circle members where they share the stories and strategies that got them to where they are now.

There really is nothing like this within Chiropractic right now, and for that, it truly is an invaluable resource.
#2 Access To My Inner Circle Facebook Group
You're the product of the people you surround yourself with 
My inner circle Facebook page is a true Gem. This bonus is actually so valuable that I cannot offer this for long as I don't want to over saturate. 

The truth is, if you surround yourself with successful people, then it is only a matter of time until some of that success rubs of.

My inner circle group is jam packed with some of the most successful Chiropractors on the planet and you get to be right along side them.
As a group, you can achieve and learn so much more then you can by yourself. Everyone does things slightly differently and have all taken different paths to get to where they are today. This means that whatever you are struggling with, whatever questions you might have, there is likely a member of my Inner Circle who will be willing to help you out!

If you do join, remember to be positive and help out whenever you can.
 #3 Monthly Swipe & Deploy Action File
Copy and Paste, it's as simple as that
We wanted to bring as much value as we possible could to the Practice Growth Playbook and we thought what better than to just give you what I'm doing in my 9 offices. 

So every month we deliver a swipe and deploy action guide with copy and paste campaigns, email templates, blueprints, social media guides and so much more...
This gives you the opportunity to skip the testing stages of marketing and jump straight to the results.

These actions guides are tried and tested methods that I am using in my offices and the campaigns that we are building out for my Inner Circle Members.
#4 An Invitation to My Next Live Mastermind
2 Days with me and my team
Our Live masterminds are a real experience. You will spend 2 intensive days with me, my team and other like minded chiropractors, pursuing learning and growth.

Unlike other 'Masterminds' ours has two tracks. Not only can you opt to sit in with me to learn from an owners perspective. You can also bring a key member of your team to join my marketing team for two days to learn and implement marketing strategies.

They will have your team member set up on Facebook and have fully fleshed out ads and strategies ready to go by the end of the mastermind.

The mastermind really brings the best out of everyone and really helps with focus and productivity.

Not to mention we regularly have guest and celebrity speakers!
#5 Audio Teaching CD
Listen along and take the step above the rest
I'm a speaker and trust me I love to speak, I often spend 30+ hours week teaching to my Inner Circle Members, speaking on stages, teaching to colleges or hosting my own podcast. And as they say if you give a speaker and opportunity to speak they will take it.

So each month we are going to include an audio CD with a teaching piece, a celebrity guest podcast or maybe even one of my tech team running through our next marketing campaign.

This CD is an insight into my Inner Circle and my teachings. I really believe that this CD could be the difference for some of, just listening and implementing one of the things I talk about could be a six figure change in your business. 
#6 Membership Site
Digital Downloadable Versions Of Everything
As much as we believe in print over here at DC Practice Growth my team wanted to add more value to this Playbook by offering a full membership site with downloadable versions of all the materials we send you.

So that's a digital version of the newsletter, a downloadable version of our action guide so you can quite literally copy and paste what we are doing, plus the audio training. 
#7 FREE Call With My Coach
We're here to serve you as best as we can
We know that this playbook is going to help you achieve so much in your practice but we wanted to add in the opportunity for you to speak directly to one of my Client Success Coaches. 

My coaches will go above and beyond to identify where the gaps are in your business and see how we can serve you best.

We normally charge up to $500 for one of these calls but we don't want you to feel like you're on your own so as part of this Playbook we want to offer this for FREE.
Yes, you're going to get ALL of this FOR JUST 1$ for 2 months and then it's just $99 each month after that.

I want to be 100% transparent with this process and remind you THIS IS A ROLLING SUBSCRIPTION and after the 2 month trial period you will be charged at the normal rate.

Having said that, you are free to cancel at any time, no strings attached!

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  •  Item #2: Access To My Inner Circle Group ($99 Value)
  •  Item #3: Monthly Swipe & Deploy Action Guide  ($195 Value)
  •  Item #4: Invitation To My Next Live Mastermind ($1250)
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  • Item #6: Membership Site ($495)
  • Item #7: Call With Client Success Coach ($500)
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"I love receiving my monthly newsletter through the post...we learn so much from each issue and the strategies I've gained just from this have been very powerful indeed"
- Brian M.
"The thing that I love is you literally get given EVERYTHING - every blueprint, every email, every script. It's just brilliant"
- Paul M.
"It's been game-changing to my practice, joining Ryan's membership has given me clarity on what to implement next whether it be a marketing plan or a business shift"
- Phillip M.
"I have gained so many tools to use and implement, it's great to be given a monthly toolbox to help you construct your practice"
- Xabier M.H.
Learn strategies and gain content to grow your practice exponentially
serge your practice growth and achieve record numbers
Explode in to the worlds of online and offline marketing  
Join a huge community of chiropractic business owners
Before You Register For Your Free Trial...Read This!
A Message From Dr. Ryan Rieder (DC)
Dear Chiropractors,

Do you feel you should be more successful in your Chiropractic clinic, making more money with greater ease than you are today?

Are you unsure where to start when it comes to marketing?

Perhaps you’re excellent at the clinical side of things, but simply lack the experience in marketing you need to make good decisions about what to do and what activities will give you the best results?

Does it frustrate you how difficult it is to get prospective patients to see the value of what you do… and aggravate you how UNWILLING they appear to be to pay for high quality Chiropractic care?
Are you fed up competing on price and having to work so hard to get a patient to understand why they need to have more than just the “one or two sessions” they tell you is all they want to pay for?
If that’s you, I want you to know I completely understand and agree… it SHOULD be easier to market a Chiropractic clinic and attract the right patients.

Well, the good news is that it CAN be.

You CAN attract more appreciative, more compliant patients. You absolutely CAN implement a marketing system to attract the types of patients you want and are willing and happy to pay for your services, what ever you charge.

You CAN stop constantly stressing about new patient numbers, asking to leave business cards and always hoping you’ll get a few more calls and YES, you can stop the madness of posting on social media every minute of the day in the vain hope that someone – anyone - will call you.

I know, because I’ve already done this for my self and 100’s of chiropractors, just like you.

And now, I want to help you.
Unlock access to marketing secrets, business strategies, practice leadership and so much more...right to your front door!
  • Tech Tutorials: Discover the latest marketing trends and follow step-by-step breakdowns of how to utilise them within your practice
  • Real Stories: Hear from real members on how they have developed their business and marketing plans to grow their practice
  • "Backstage" Mastermind Previews: Take sneak peeks in to our Live Masterminds, including our marketing implementation bootcamp
ACCESS to own membership with digital and downloadable versions of all materials
So you've got this far and you're wondering
Well, I quite literally live and breath Chiropractic clinic marketing. My course, New Patient Avalanche, has helped 1000's of Chiropractors revitalise their business in just 6 weeks! Over the past five years I’ve coached and consulted with 1000's of Chiropractic business owners to create marketing systems that deliver more, higher spending patients whilst increasing profits to build a more lucrative, predictably profitable business.

What’s more, I continue to run and grow my own clinic's – Hälsa Care Group – a business that started from a single room with no money down, and zero business or marketing experience.

I have grown that one room to a become an 9 clinic business, spread across the south of England. I started from zero and now turn over 7 million dollars annually - and have a team of over 130 people. We are now the largest supplier of chiropractic in Europe, generating 10,000 new patients each year through physical and digital marketing strategies...(and, I’ve done it in a place which was only first introduced to Chiropractic under 100 years ago!)

I’ve spoke at many industry conferences and marketing masterminds across the world and have shared the stage with the likes of Robert Kiyosaki, Jay Abraham and T Harv Eker's "Millionaire Mind Intensive", teaching the very same strategies that have helped make us successful.  Putting my usual “modesty” aside, all of that means I am THE person to go to when it comes to sorting out your clinics marketing.

That's great, but now I'm not sure
  • ​You want thousands of dollars worth of marketing, mindset and profit boosting strategies delivered to your door – every single month!
  •  You feel like others seem to know stuff about marketing that you don’t (…and you're fed up with it and want to get in on what is working now!)
  •  You are new to Ryan’s marketing material and want to learn more from him (…if you love Ryan's programs, you will love this even more!)
  •  You struggle with your “mindset” and know that it's holding you back from the stunning success in business you are capable of…
  •  You are fed up of “chucking stuff at the wall” with your marketing
  •  You are a brand-new business owner and want to know the cutting-edge marketing strategies – that’ll give you the edge
  •  You are an established business owner fed up to the back teeth of out-dated marketing strategies that don’t work…
  •  You have previously taken Ryan’s “New Patient Avalanche" program (or attended one of his events) and want to stay up to date with his teachings
  •  You feel that being part of an amazing community of the worlds best Chiropractic business owners will provide you with the answers you need as you grow…
Join hundreds of business owners around the globe who are benefiting from our content-rich playbooks...every single month!
About dr. ryan rieder (dc)
Dr. Ryan Rieder (DC), founder of DC Practice Growth and the New Patient Avalanche System, owns and operates 9 offices with over 100 team members that serve thousands of clients every week. His marketing strategies bring in over 10,000 new patients for his offices each and every year, and 7 million-dollars’ worth of revenue. He now helps Chiropractors all over the world grow their practices with his tried and tested strategies.

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