The "New Patient Avalanche" Course

​The essential 6 WEEK MARKETING MASTERCLASS for Chiropractors...! ​

The "New Patient Avalanche", led by Dr Ryan Rieder (DC), is the complete blueprint to captivate all the new clients you need and how to convert them, revolutionise your marketing strategies and campaigns and increase your clinic's income by 45% - 200% in the next year...GUARANTEED. All done with you in 6 WEEKS!


​The "New Patient Avalanche" is all about client boosting strategies that are so effective that you will want to block out extra space in your schedule immediately after our webinars so that you can make these simple, but big changes to your clinic’s marketing.​

  • How to attract new patients AT WILL!
  • How we attracted over 12,000 new clients in a year!
  • Facebook strategies to attract new clients!
  • How to set up a reactivation campaign that gets up to 70 clients back in for care!
  • How to get up to 60 new clients in a single talk!
  • Facebook “how to” guides!
  • Online and offline strategies that are guaranteed to give you your RECORD YEAR!
  • How to do an effective screening or better yet, how to set it up so that your team does it for you!

What Our Past Students Say About Us...

“Ryan showed us ways to modify and improve our campaign results and conversions, while maximising our time and efficiency.”

- Dr. Boyce Kinnison (DC)

“We've doubled our new patients, having up to 70 more patients in a month.”

- Dr. Alex Smiljanic (DC)

“Hands down, best course I've ever done in terms of marketing. He's showed us how to get that extra 20-30% out of everything we do.”

- Dr. Charles Herbert (DC)


Real results from students of the New Patient Avalanche course...


Customer Guarantee

The "New Patient Avalanche" is 100% risk free for you to join.

Here’s how the Personal Guarantee works. Take action today and join the “6 Week New Patient Avalanche” program… and if by the end of the process you don’t think that the course will get you the extra patients you’ll need to cover your investment…we'll gladly refund your money. All you need is just “3” new patients to cover your investment and in fact, with just 1 or 2 of these modules, you could get double your investment back and more! So, in reality, this course doesn’t “cost” anything. It’s essentially FREE…it’s an investment in your future, wealth and prosperity. You can only grow your clinic in this new health care economy by attending this Marketing Masterclass experience. Confirm your place today.

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