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Keep Calm And Carry On…At Your Peril!

If you’re British, then no doubt you’ve heard that statement many times in your life. I wonder though if that statement can at times be harmful to our success?

The Founder of Intel, Andrew Grove, famously said, ONLY THE PARANOID SURVIVE. I think that there is a lot of truth in that statement…

I acknowledge that, yes, there are times to…Keep Calm and Carry On BUT there is a flip side to every coin…

So, while there are times to keep calm, there are also times that you need to FREAK THE F**K OUT and be the opposite of “calm”.

One of the most tiring things about business is the “drivers” seat. I have had a love hate relationship with being the “driver” in my business for a long time. In fact, I think my wife can attest to that fact, that I quite literally have to change “state” if I know that the business needs me to “DRIVE”.

It’s kind of a “warrior” state of mind.

But while you can’t stay “there” all the time or you will tire and burn out, it doesn’t negate the fact that IT’S ABSOLUTLY NECESSARY THAT YOU EMBRACE A “WARRIOR STATE”…SOMETIMES.

I’m a big fan of constructively “losing it”!

There is a business analogy that suggests that a successful business follows all the same rules as a successful “game”. Just as a game needs rules, team members, scoreboards, goals, starting and ending times, training sessions, selection protocols, referees…so does your practice.

Now with that in mind, conjure up the image of a coach at half time if their side is losing. The irate, passionate and angry coach that is “LOSING IT” with their team. Not because of “hate” BUT because he knows they have more to give. I would argue that “that” coach at times cares more than the “calm” coach.

Many people would wrongly say that the opposite of “love” is “hate”. There is a reason that many of the great philosophers have long said that there is a fine line between “love” and “hate” or that they are the same side of the coin. If you’ve ever been in a relationship I’m sure you can relate. The opposite of “love” is “INDIFFERENCE” or “APATHY”.

Let me be clear, sometimes it’s your job to MICRO MANAGE, BE IMPATIENT, PUSHY, BOSSY, EXPECTANT and DOWN RIGHT PARANOID. Sure there are ways to do it but sometimes it’s got to happen and YOU’VE got to do it.

Here is a tip…You can do ANYTHING if you ask for permission first. For example…“Hey team, I need to get something off my chest that’s going to sound like I am ANGRY and I kind of am, BUT only because I know we can be better and that our clients deserve better… SO, IS IT OK IF SHARE THIS WITH YOU NOW”…

So, while the principles of meditation, manifestation and “The Secret” are all relevant, every now and then, it’s OK to lose your s**t because if you don’t, you may actually…“lose your s**t”, over practice members, reputation, house, car, not paying rent, not paying staff…the list goes on.

I don’t know about you…BUT THAT AINT HAPPENING ON MY WATCH!!

Love and light,


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