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How to interview like a pro (3 magic Q’s)

Ryan Rieder and Apprentice Star Karren Brady (Apprentice Mastermind 2022)

It seems that some of the top coaches on the planet have transitioned out of one-to-one consulting. For me, it is incredibly beneficial to my ongoing success as a mentor and coach to maintain a certain level, be it a very limited amount, due to time constraints, of one-to-one mentorship.

I currently work with a small group of private or one-to-one clients, who speak with me once a month. To be a one-to-one client, you need to be a Platinum member or part of The Inner Circle group at a bare minimum. I learn so much from these sessions, often as much as my students learn from me.

Often, I’m reminded of what I need to do in my own business and life as I coach others. A mentor taught me that you’ll be the greatest mentor and coach when you remain open to learning from your students. Doing that has made me tremendously successful and led to my owning multiple practices and multiple 7-figure businesses, most started from scratch … and most started with almost no capital invested. It’s been a blessing and privilege to have the incredible testing ground of hundreds of practices across the world in various environments. It’s enabled me to see what works and what doesn’t work, and crucially what working right now .

A session today reminded me of three very, very, very important questions, you need to ask in every single employment interview.

First, every interview should be a two-step process, consisting of a slow-down process and an ascending process. Step one is observation and a few casual questions. Step two is to invite your prospective hire back.


  1. First question is:

The most powerful opening question you can ask in the second interview after their observation is:

“How did you find your first session? Your probably thinking “is that it”, well yes!

Good open-ended question achieves two goals. You’re setting a scenario where they talk, and you just gain perspective. You’re finding out how they feel, what they think, what their situation is, what they want, and why they want it. At the same time, the questions you ask are causing your prospects to think and reflect on what is truly important to them. Rather than telling them that they should jump at the chance to work with you, you’re allowing them to reflect on how important the position is to them and how much they want it!

Here is another important point to remember; there is a saying “if you give someone enough rope, they will often hang themselves”. In this context this simply means, if you let someone talk enough they will “expose” a lot, if you listen.

  1. A second powerful question is:

After you have taken the prospect through your core values . Don’t go easy here. Firstly let them read them to you, out loud, and then simply ask them this question…

“Tell me how you feel about each of those, what are your THOUGHTS , FEARS and CONCERNS?”

Again … think, “give them rope” ie let them talk and listen. We have had people simply say to us at this point, after reading a core value that is “always on time” say, “yip, that one concerns me because i’m often late”. Cue siren and red flag 🙂

  1. The third question would be:

Lastly you can ask third question towards the end of the second interview, and it is…

“So, after everything you’ve experienced here, do you think this could be a place you could work and be happy?’

Again pause, and let them reveal themselves. You should, by this stage, have quite an insight into whether they’re interested or in fact you are. If you receive a positive response to the questions, you can simply say, “Great! We need to finish the interviews with the other candidates first, and the next steps are that you’ll hear from us in four to seven days about whether you’re being offered the position. If you are offered a position, you’ll receive a description of the package you are being offered and a draft contract. In case you have any queries or need addition information, please get back to me. You’ll need to provide your signed contract within seven days of the offer of the position.”

GOLDEN RULE … NEVER offer them the job right there, even if you are positive they are a good fit. Let them go and wait until the appropriate time till giving them a formal offer.

The employment interview process may seem simple. Trust me, the three questions in this email could save you a ton of time and a lot of pain. Hopefully, you enjoyed this message and received value from it!

Yours in Service,

Dr. Ryan Rieder, D.C.

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