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How Do I Spend 4 hours a Week Running My $7 Million Dollar a Year Business? Part 1

The Less I Do … The More I Make!  Sounds super cheesy doesn’t it… and quite honestly it feels slightly uncomfortable even writing the headline. Actually, a better word than “uncomfortable” would be “braggy” or “arrogant”. Or at least to me, it often feels like that.

I’ve never been all that good at “tooting my own horn”. Actually FYI, my single most consistent feedback I have gotten from the many conferences, masterminds and coaches I’ve had, is a variation of the following …… you’re a bit too “humble” or “apologetic” or… you need to “toot your own horn” a lot more…. followed by… DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW INCREDIBLE IT IS, WHAT YOU HAVE ACHIEVED?! Of course, to me it never seems that way!

As I write this, I’m in South Africa thousands of miles away from my 9 practices and 7 million dollars a year annual revenue business. Not to mention running another “side hustle” 7 figure coaching and consulting business and closing two property deals that will be worth over 2 million dollars in real estate value! 

Well, I guess when I put it that way… I HAVEN’T DONE ALL THAT BADLY AT 36 ☺

My Days Are Pretty Lazy!

You may think that I work “like a dog” to achieve that. The truth is, I probably don’t work as hard as you may think. In fact, I’m willing to bet by the standard definition of “work”, you work much harder than me! 

I certainly put in bursts of incredible productivity …i.e. late nights and early mornings … but across the year you would be shocked at just how “little” I do! 

Please do not get me wrong, with two kids and three 7 figure businesses … of course it’s pretty manic. But I’m still willing to bet, that it’s at least half as manic as someone in a full-time job or most running a full time practice!

We All Have the Same 24 Hours, How Are You Using Yours?

Ticking off a “to do” list or “checking emails” does NOT make you money! We humans have this in built “need” to check off a list. Most of the time, for the sheer purpose of “feeling” productive or “feeling” like we are achieving something. You have got to understand that you will NEVER check off your “to do” list in business or life for that matter… it never ends, and you will NEVER finish the “business game”. So, the game becomes less about ticking off a list and more about ticking off THE RIGHT LIST. 

Just Three Things Per Day!

I’m convinced that huge wealth, health, impact, service and legacy is on the other side of JUST three high ROI (return on investment) tasks a day. There is a saying “if everything is important then nothing is important!”

But do you have the discipline to THINK about what it is today, with limited time capacity that we all have, that can move the needle substantially. That means at times ignoring the “messy” in the knowledge that, for example, cleaning up the letterhead design does absolutely sweet bugger all in our effort to MOVE THE NEEDLE …. THINK!

THINK, I’m going to try and drum that into you!

As the owner and leader of your business and LIFE, your job is to think dammit. So few take the time to actually think!

What needs to get done today? What really needs to get done that will actually move me in the right direction of achieving my dreams?

Hint: It ain’t choosing the colours of the next leader head!

What To Do Next

Part 2 coming soon,

Love and light

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