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What Is the New Patient Avalanche System?
The New Patient Avalanche system is a collection of business and marketing strategies and principles I have collected over my 8 years of running Chiropractic Business's. It details, in depth, the significant steps that I took to grow to 8 clinics, turning over $7 million dollars every year. 

This book gives insight that only a couple of chiropractic business owner on the planet could possibly give you. 

To be clear, this book is a complete guide, outlining my exact moves. It is unashamedly business and is centred around growing your clinic. 
Every Chiropractor Has The Ability To Successfully Grow and Market Their Practice ... But How?
We all know what chiropractic can do to change peoples lives, healing their bodies whilst bringing people together. You can only sustain and spread that message if you know how to market, sell and grow your practices.
The New Patient Avalanche System will help you develop new ways of consistently generating new patients.
• The New Patient Avalanche System will have you refine your practices, letting you earn more whilst working less.
• The New Patient Avalanche System will introduce you to social media advertisement strategies that can help attract up to 50 new patients per advert. 
Hurry, This FREE Offer Won't Last Long!
Most Chiropractors Just Aren’t Aware Of These Cutting Edge Strategies…
I remember when I first opened my own practice. Starting from a garage in Bracknell with no investment after leaving a $10,000 per month associate job. 

So many people questioned why I would give up a comfortable associate job and delve into the unknown. The truth is, I wanted more. I wanted more for my self, my family and Chiropractic.

If you have started your own Chiropractic business, you probably felt the same way!

I was brought up with no internet, I am not a tech genius and before this journey I knew nothing about online advertisement. But through 7 years of honing my business and marketing skills, making many mistakes along the way. I have managed to develop a system that I am confident can help all aspiring Chiropractic business owners build and improve their own successful practices.
I have met so many talented Chiropractors who admittedly know nothing about business or marketing. All great chiropractors get into chiropractic for the love of the craft. However, if you cannot successfully run a business and advertise your talent, you won't be a chiropractor for long, you won't be able to successfully spread chiropractic by helping more people and you won't ever reach financial stability.

It takes more then being a great Chiropractor to run a great Chiropractic business. 

This is where the New Patient Avalanche System comes in. It gives you the foundations on how to run and advertise the business side of things. Whilst offering solutions to operational speed bumps. Allowing you to build a slick, smooth running, new patient generating machine, with you at the centre!
Inside This FREE Book, Here are Some of the Secrets That Will Be Revealed... 
  • The Marketing Fundamentals - The foundations of everything you will learn during The New Patient Avalanche System  pg. 13
  • The Three Keys of Marketing - The three main elements you need to take into account in planning your marketing. pg. 39
  • How to build a system that will consistently Turn Leads Into Patients. pg. 55
  • Learn how to Perfect Your Screenings to make this basic strategy one of your most powerful New Patient generation avenues. pg. 77
  • Discover the 3 types of talk we do and how we Regularly Get People Into Our Clinics and Get Our Practitioners Into Large Businesses For Talks. pg. 93
  • Using our follow up and close techniques, learn how we Maximise Show Up and often Close Between 50-80% of people at our talks. pg. 95
  • Learn what a CRM is and how it can revolutionise your email marketing. I share our strategies on how we use automated email to Gain, Retain and Re-activate Clients. pg. 115
  • The strategies we use to take advantage of print and other forms of media to Diversify Your New Patient Generating Portfolio and keep your current clients engaged. pg. 137
  • Learn how you can utilise Facebook to Instantly Start Generating You New Leads. I share the exact strategies that helped us Generate New Patients Consistently on Facebook . pg. 147
  • The 3 Ways You Can Leverage Your Existing Clients to generate New Patients. pg. 165
  • The 3 Elements and 12 Steps You Should Be Taking To Run A Successful Holiday Campaign and how we take advantage of special occasions to generate New Patients. pg. 179
"This is Not Theory... I've Used These Strategies To Help 100's Of Chiropractors Across the planet..."
So ... Why Am I Doing This?
I’ve got a few interesting reasons for giving this book away…

1. I am a Chiropractor, My brothers a Chiropractor, I married a Chiropractic ... Basically I LOVE CHIROPRACTIC. For this reason I want as many people as possible to experience what chiropractic is. I believe in growing the Chiropractic profession and that my book can help in this.

2. Unlike many "guru trainers", there's too much stuff being peddled based on theory, stuff that sounds good on paper but isn't actually effective. The difference with me is that I AM IN THE GAME DOING THIS STUFF! (and it's working). I want to put quality content out there that is specific to Chiropractic, made by a Chiropractor.

3. Hopefully with the amount of value that you get from this book, you'll want to work with me in other ways. 

4. I'm proud of my work. This book is the accumulation of 7 years of learning and I'm proud of it, therefore I want people to see it and learn from it!

5. I’d like as many people as possible to read it because I truly believe that the ability to run and market your business is a top skill that EVERY chiropractor needs to learn.
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Paul Musk
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The New Patient Avalanche System By Dr Ryan Rieder
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