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Here's How It Works

We’ll do all the confusing “techie stuff for you”

1 – We’ll make sure your Business page is setup right

2 – We”ll then make sure your Ads Manager is setup right

3 – Then, we’ll create your Facebook pixel and make sure that’s setup right

4 – YOU DO NOTHING during this part. (it’s super boring, unless you like techie stuff)

This is SUPER IMPORTANT especially since all the iOS Shenanigans. Best to have someone just handle it for you

We’ll craft an ad that attracts the patients you want

1 – You’ll work with us 1-on-1 during this part. And by “work” I mean answer some basic questions.

First, we’ll figure out your Target Customers

Then we’ll figure out the BEST OFFER that they want

Then we’ll create an AD that makes them want it from YOU!

We do the copy, the image (or video) everything. WE build it all in YOUR Facebook account.

To qualify, you MUST…

✅  Be a multi-practitioner practice (2+)

✅  Be willing to invest $2,000 per month on marketing (minimum)

✅  Be serious about growing your practice to double or triple it’s current numbers

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