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Done For You Spotlight – Ruslan Stoyanov from N12 Health with 155 sign ups for a Single Day Spinal Screening Event!

HAPPY MAY EVERYONE! I hope you have had a phenomenal first quarter to 2023 just like our rockstar Done For You members! We had a solid start to the year with records leads and cost per leads but I’m here to share another strategy that has revolutionised spinal screening events, spotlighting one specific campaign. 

Whether our campaigns have the objective to generate leads, traffic to landing pages and/or websites or even promote engagement on content, they have to be planned ahead of time and checked daily to ensure the results are consistently being optimised. The ultimate goal is to surpass each client’s personal record whether that be number of leads, quality of leads, cost per lead, etc. 

Ruslan Stoyanov of N12 Health has been a member with us on the Done For You Marketing service since March 2022. With a thriving clinic in Finchley, we get on a strategy call every month to reflect on previous campaigns and gameplan for the months ahead, always striving to beat our own records. With microtargeting in place, modified campaign objectives and consistent monitoring, Ruslan’s Spinal Screening Campaign generated 155 sign ups with a £2.45 cost per sign up in just 10 days! The campaign had to also be turned off before completing its full course as the clinic had surpassed capacity for not just the single day that it was intended for, but other slots that they had to open throughout the week to facilitate the mass. Although this is meant to be a single campaign spotlight, I can’t help but mention that Ruslan ran another Single Day Screening Event 2 weeks directly after this which gained another 153 sign ups! During Ruslan’s time with us, we’ve seen an average of 65 sign ups per Spinal Screening, peaking at 90. So, achieving above 150 sign ups … twice in a row was definitely a triumph! So what did we do differently?

As with any campaign, our process always begins with a strategy call where we review previous statistics to reflect on what’s worked well and what can be improved moving forward. Here are some of the key point discussed and implemented that I believe contributed to the results: 

  1. Microtargeting

For the past year we had used a single generic mass audience around the clinic to target the ads. A generic mass target is when we direct ads to a larger population within an area and address them as one. Example: Using the Callout “Hey London” for a larger area of London compared to specifically addressing the different boroughs within it. Despite delivering great results, I was aware that Microtargeting has been a strategy frequently highlighted on several of the Marketing Panels during Ryan’s Masterminds and it was something we were yet to test with Ruslan’s campaigns. By dividing the broader target audience and personalising the copy to touch people of different areas better, we learnt that as expected it did work for N12 Health  evident from a lower than average cost per lead in the first Lead Generation Campaign that followed. It also provides the invaluable opportunity to analyse the results and determine the best performing areas for Ruslan.This way, we can push more budget to the key locations for the next campaigns to further optimise the results. The Micro targeting was then implemented for all campaigns.

  1. Shorter Campaign Length

It is characteristic for us to advertise a campaign up to 14 days prior to any in house event, whether this be a health workshop/talk, spinal screening or open day, etc. Ruslan’s Spinal Screening was instead advertised for just 10 days which enabled us to filter through the usual sign ups that would register the earliest but not show up 14 days later for the event. By advertising the event closer to the date, the audience view it as more relevant and also feel an urgency to register sooner as opposed to later. 

  1. Traffic Campaign versus Lead Generation

With in-house events, we would traditionally run the campaign with the objective of creating traffic and redirecting them to a third party Sign Up page (i.e: Eventbrite). The registered attendees would then be contacted by the clinic or the DFY Telephone team to confirm attendance. However, after an overwhelming success of not using Eventbrite but rather having the attendees fill out a form directly on Facebook, I decided to implement this for Ruslan’s campaign. If you had the pleasure of attending our most recent Demartini Mastermind, you might recall this from our “What’s working now” panel. Implementing this reduced our average cost per sign up from ~ £10 to £2.45. 

P.S: It is important to note that several factors contribute to the success of a campaign and the longer you have been running paid advertising (OR the longer a client is with us on the service) the more accumulated optimizations the Ad account and campaigns experience. This is a result of the time spent collecting and understanding data on specific audiences, their responses, positive/negative trends etc. 

The campaign went live on the 22nd of March, achieving 20 sign ups in just the first day. Here are the key stats from 10 days of advertising: 

Total Spend: £379.77

Total Sign Ups: 155

Average Cost Per Sign Up: £2.45

Lowest Cost Per Sign Up: £1.54

Here’s Proof straight from the Ads Manager:

It was definitely rewarding to be able to achieve these results and see Ruslan and his team have a very very busy start to the new Quartern. As always, it is thrilling to see who is going to take the “Done For You Spotlight” next month! Will it be you?

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