Done For You Spotlight – Navin Agarwal Achieves 116 New Leads In ONLY 10 Days at a STAGGERING cost per lead of £1.68!!!

It’s stats time once again! Our Done For You agency members have experienced another exciting month with amazing results across the board.

We have been able to generate hundreds of new leads and event sign-ups through our campaigns. We closely monitor every campaign we create throughout the month, and track their progress to ensure we generate the best results for our clients. Every month we like to pick a single campaign that stands out above the rest and showcase them in our ‘Done For You Spotlight’ so that you too can be inspired!

This month’s ‘Done For You Spotlight’ focuses on Navin Agarwal, of AMI Chiropractic in Bedford. Navin has only recently joined us here at the Done For You agency, so we wanted to welcome him with an amazing starting campaign right off the bat.

We put together a Coronation-themed lead generation campaign for his clinic and worked our magic with the targeting area, and ad copy. We managed to generate 14 new leads on the 1st day of the campaign alone! We generated so many leads that we had to actually stop the campaign early in order to not overwhelm the CA team and allow them to catch up to all the new leads. The reason we managed to generate such great results is due to the targeting we implemented, the copy we created, and the fact that we were able to run the campaign with an adjustment video for the video advert. Typically target audiences respond much better to video adverts, as opposed to carousel ads or image ads, and more recently adjustment videos allow your advertising to stand out even more.

Targeting is arguably the most important factor when it comes to paid advertising. The targeting is what ultimately dictates who the audience seeing your advertising are; as well as what location they are in when they are shown your advertising. When targeting a location for our client’s campaigns we try and keep the targeting broad so as to maximize potential leads, therefore we keep the targeting radius for our audience within a 30-minute drive from the clinic. This allows for the best possible chance to target people in the surrounding area that would be willing to make the journey to the clinic.

Now for the big reveal… THE STATS!!!

From 10 days of Facebook Advertising:

Overall Spend: £194.96

Total Leads: 116

Cost Per Lead: £1.68

Unbelievable? Here’s the Proof!

This is an incredible result for a first campaign together, generating 116 new leads, especially considering the cost per lead is well below £2 when the average cost per lead in the industry ranges between £20 and £30 (depending on location)!

Let’s see who the Done For You Spotlight will shine on next month…

Happy Marketing!

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