A good economy more than anything drives complacency and a false sense of security.

If you are to truly create the life of your dreams and practice of your dreams you MUST ensure that you operate in a way that is completely independent of outside factors …. meaning that although we all want a good economy, we must never rely on it to succeed….

The “bad bits” or big mistakes made in business during good times are all too easily swept under the carpet, easily hidden amongst the plethora of free buying power.

Unemployment has almost never been so low in both the United States and United Kingdom.


But that should make you nervous…. Are you savouring each and every new client opportunity AS IF times were bad…  or are you in effect in a “food comma” , a sort of good times post meal lethargy …. leading to complacency and a total lack of urgency and intent, in effect assuming that “ah well, there is a lot more of where that came from”.

Great companies and businesses are often born out of tough economic times because in tough times there is no tolerance for wastage, poor business practices, lack of measurement and lack of accountability….

So let me get to the point…. WE (me included) HAVE BECOME BLASÉ AND DOWN RIGHT WASTEFUL…

We often talk about a campaign or screening being TERRIBLE if we ONLY got 5 people. I bang on about this more than anyone in the profession. The “number” you get is almost irrelevant. What is relevant is your COST PER LEAD and LIFETIME VALUE….

If the cost per lead is at an acceptable level …. THAT’S SUCCESS.

I will never forget the look on his face when one of my inner circle members moaned that “he was never doing that event again” after ONLY getting 7 New clients from it…

It was a free event and all he did was pay one staff member to support him. Total cost of around $150. Therefore a cost per lead of $21 and he has a client lifetime value of $1500.

Lets assume that of the 7, 4 went on to take up care…. THAT’S $6000 income and A ROI of 3900%….

Now I ask you …. WAS IS WORTH IT ????

Don’t get complacent. Cherish the 5 patients….