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4 SHOCKING Lessons For 2020: Lesson 2

****LESSON 2 of 4****
WARNING …. this is going to be woo woo 💷💷


I think a lot of my “anxiety” around business comes when I get “that feeling”.

It’s a feeling of “money” and or “attention” getting bored, or getting ready to move.

My feeling has always been that money has a short attention span and it hates being disrespected. In this instance disrespect to money comes in the form of poor business practices but even more than that – IT HATES neglect or apathy or entitlement.

I definitely don’t always get it right, it’s impossible, but when I find obtuse neglect or apathy in any of my businesses I get very anxious…I CAN FEEL “MONEY” wanting to flow to a worthier host.

That is kind of my rudimentary explanation of my business relationship with money…BARE WITH!

When I look back now, I recognise that I have always felt that “money” and or “custom” has a distinct personality to it. Much like a human relationship, this money relationship is CONDITIONAL. VERY CONDITIONAL.

One of my core beliefs is that when I add more value than I’m being “paid” for, money really does love that and chooses to stick around.

Another is that I get the feeling that even if the results don’t immediately follow, I feel a sense of immense “earning the right” for money or more money to flow my way by doing the basics well i.e. JUST SHOWING UP.

I absolutely and definitely feel a kinda watchful eye 👁 or presence observing if I’m prepared to do the “boring” stuff without being attached to the result or rather not expecting a result for a while. I feel this “money worthiness judge” idly and patiently sitting, waiting, watching and once it’s observed enough GIVING A SHIT, SHOWING UP, DEDICATION, FAITH IN THE PROCESS etc. …then and only on it’s command will direct money flow towards you…

Another way I have always felt “the money judge” is testing me, is to see if I’m prepared to do what others are not…

For example, many times I had to tell myself that travelling around the world, being away from my family, not being paid and in fact paying my own way for over a year, was just such an example of pretty much nobody I know being prepared to put up with. That has led to me being one of the highest paid speakers on the planet (no jokes) and at least 60% of my income coming from “speaking” in some way shape or form. I quite literally and sometimes out loud had conversations with the “money person” out their about it. I could feel it watching and even hear it saying…“come on, let’s see how badly you want it, are you prepared to do x, y or z”.

In the same way I feel the “money worthiness watcher” ticking off extra “earn the right” points for me whenever I read a book, invest in coaching or masterminds and show up to conferences.

Another strong feeling I get is that “money” is quite literally REPELLED by entitlement…I can literally feel it snarling back at me when I, in any way think I “deserve” anything…I’m not joking when I say I can see it and hear it saying, “you’re not entitled to anything young man, you don’t “deserve” a damn thing, get out their and keep going and prove why I should send you any more”

I warned you this was going to be woo woo…

When you read as much as me you will often pick up elements of what I have just mentioned in various books and autobiographies, even sometimes if you have to read between the lines…

I have included an obvious and brilliantly articulated example here in the pictures to show you what I mean!

Point to ponder 🤔

1) Do you actively think about how your relationship with money is going and do you give the “relationship” the respect it deserves????
2) If you imagined “it” speaking to you, what would it tell you you need to continue doing and or do more of?

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