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102% Growth In 2020… a covid year!

Yip you read that correctly, 102% growth in a Covid year!

That’s someone doubling their business in the midst’s of lockdowns and business closures!

I’ve been flooded with these types of testimonials at the moment and it’s really got me thinking of the key skill-sets you need to survive a Covid year from a marketing perspective.


I’ve pretty much summed it up to the following, 4 essential points I will be teaching on the webinar:

  • Prepare: You have to change the way you operate ever so slightly focusing on two key elements, pre pay (or memberships), future bookings. I can’t stress how important those are!
  • Ready: You should have lockdown emails and texts ready to go, “we are open” type messaging, and procedures and scripts in place for the “eventuality” of when you are thrown into your next lockdown. BTW we could STILL be in and out of lockdowns for a year!
  • Mobilise: You have to have reactivation email sequences, text and direct mail campaigns ready to pull the trigger to “reactivate” the data base. OURS ARE KILLING IT.
  • Repeated Mobilization Reactivations Around Holidays: These are my absolute favourite … I will give you this on the webinar!
  • Online Attraction: We have lost at least 4 or 5 key marketing strategies overnight . Namely: screeningslunch n learnscorporate talks , dinner with a doc etc etc . SO you absolutely have to have a robust online presence and “outreach” strategy . We have doubled our organic new patients and lead generation with “this” strategy.

I’m going to be teaching these strategies in depth and exactly how we “Covid-proofed” our business with this 5 step plan and how my students are doing the same.

Make sure you choose a date that best suits you, its live, no recordings and I’m giving away some cool copy and paste strategies for those that attend.

Your going to love it!

Love and light


P.S. I’m giving away KILLER copy and paste templates on the webinar

P.S.S: Join Me On My Free 2021 C0vid Marketing Masterclass

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